Dreaming and the OA: "Listen to the dreamers."

Good article by @KellyBulkeley on why The OA is such a treat for people who are into dreaming:

Dreaming and the OA: “Listen to the dreamers.”

the team from ‘The OA’…totally get it. They get it that dreams are portals to other dimensions of ourselves and the cosmos. They get it that artists have a special power to open people’s minds and expand their sense of what’s possible. They get it that this reality, the world in which we are living right now, is in desperate need of reconnecting via dreams and other altered states of consciousness with existential truths we’ve always known but have somehow lost, or had taken away from us.

BTW in one of the episodes in season 2, a character wakes up from a nightmare and immediately does a nose-pinch test! :sunglasses:

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“You’ll find your freedom. In sleep. In your dreams. It’s how we stay sane.” ~The OA

image source: https://tsiporaporos.tumblr.com/post/172902222210/youll-find-your-freedom-in-sleep-in-your