Francis Story and the Case for Rebirth (Lion's Roar)

I enjoyed this article which is a great followup to all the recent teachings and discussion of the Bardos.


Great read, Barry. Thanks for posting it.

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More evidence of rebirth? Watching this six year old gives me a great big smile. Full disclosure, I’m an oldtime Eagles fan.


“There is nothing that happens by chance. There are causes for everything, seen or unseen, known or not known” —Francis Story ~ I am somewhat agnostic in what I believe…that everything happens for a reason? Do you believe in fate? Is our life already planned out? Right here, right now, is this my destiny?


Everything happens for a reason, some say. I believe you make the best of whatever happens.


I so enjoyed reading this Barry. Thanks for posting :pray:


I think that reality, as we perceive it, is a tapestry that is constantly being woven and each and every phenomenon, from the note that I just played on my guitar to the branch that just fell from the tree outside my window, becomes a new thread in the weave, causing the pattern to be ever changing and totally interdependent.

I don’t think there is a predetermined script for my life. I do think that my life is shaped by the karmic seeds that I leave behind, though. I would call that neither fate nor destiny but rather karmic conditioning. Maybe you could say that we are constantly creating our own destiny that way.

We can break the pattern of that conditioning by seeking to abide in empty awareness, free from grasping and aversion…