🙏 What Turns the Wheel of Life? – Lions Roar

Really simple step-by-step explanation, which I like, particularly after the introductory paragraphs.

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Hi Barry
Dear Barry (or Bazza as I’d like to nickname you Xx)
Really challenging using iPad on here….so excuse any typos etc. I went to Nepal. Just to let you know. If you want to have a quick zoom chat to discuss / catch up. That might be cool. Hope all well your end and no problem either way with re, catching up. We can do this more simply through the ether or what not.
Ciao for now


Saw a good movie and thought of you, in Europe. It’s called “The Way” starring Martin Sheen. It’s about a trip in Spain, a pilgrimage, and a worthwhile two hour view. A Dakini’s life is not an easy one! I’d love to hear about your trip to Nepal.


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“Samsara is like a sickness; the Buddha, who was called the Great Physician, offers a cure; but the patient must recognize the illness, with its causes, its symptoms, and its effects, before the cure can begin.”