:wave: I just bought a bottle of liquid Galantamine. Does it differ from pills?
This is the first time I try suppliments… :pray:


Where did you get it? Link?

I would imagine it kicks in faster when its liquid. I keep a bottle of the pills in the cabinet for use on the occasion… the bottle I got gotta be close to 2 years old by now though.

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It says 8mg per 17-drop serving. Galantamine hydrobromide - is what I found to be the proper name.

This looks to be a tincture, extracted via alcohol. (a legit method, a hemo-oncologist gave me a bottle of turmeric/pepper tincture he makes for his patients.)

Start small! :slight_smile: I hear (here) that it can be stimulating.

My brain neurotransmitters are all messed up and 4mg was plenty for me.

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I never tried it in liquid form, as long as the dosage can be properly titrated, should work.

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