Greetings from Colombia

Hello! I am Gustavo from Bogotá, Colombia. Recently retired from my activities as a professor of psychology at the university, I now have more time to meditate, play music and read.
I have read and worked with Robert Waggoner, and I am aware of some of Andrew Holocek’s writings and videos, but I have not maintained a disciplined practice.
Usually in the morning I remember my dreams, but lucidity is elusive. My last lucid dream was over three months ago. I need to practice more, especially during the day and I hope this Night Club can be a stimulus for that.


Congratulations on your retirement, you should find it to be a great consciousness-raising transition. Welcome to the Night Club. There is so much here for you. The first thing you might access is the Virtual hangout tomorrow at 2:00PM Mountain time in the USA which I believe is 3:00PM your time in Colombia. Andrew meets with members from all over the world as he has been for the entire time of this Covid pandemic. It’s a great place to “meet” Andrew, ask questions and see other people as well. As you explore the site you will see a lot of posts about lucid dreaming and other aspects of Dream Yoga. Andrew also has an interview/dialogue with Robert Waggoner that you might want to catch as well.

PS Happy Independence Day (Tuesday)

Welcome Gustavo, and congrats on the retirement. I was born in Bogota, and must return someday. Robert Waggoner is great, check out my interview with him. Andrew


Born in Colombia. So Andrew cannot run for president of the USA. Darn! :grinning: