Having Quite the Meditation Attempting to Focus a Little More on Happiness Rather than Negativity

Today I prepared some green tea which is loose leaf and of high quality. I prepped some reggae music and was feeling ready to meditate on the warm feeling I got from the atmosphere. I feel that this is the best way to meditate. On this feeling, so that I may gain a deeper perspective on how I’m feeling, while feeling good feelings.

In mind, was the thought that I need to improve my life as the alchemist, sort of. Pretty much the same, because that is the journey I find I am now on since I had spoken with one individual who is very smart and sees life in the same view. To better oneself in order to be bettered not only in the eyes of yourself, but in the eyes of others. To connect with a higher sense of vibration. A energy that is pure light.

I feel that opening your mind up to this way of thinking can only help oneself to better their self deep down. Because there is two paths that you can choose other than pure confusion about what one you may choose. God is one, the other path is the path of darkness of course and that is not a healthy way of seeing things. Not only is it unhealthy to follow the Devil for you, but for this world it is unhealthy. Promote peace, love, and safety during these hard times. Keep your head to the sky and your hopes high.

Peace out,

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