Hello, from Bellingham, WA

Hi I live in the Pacific Northwest part of the United States I’m a hypnotherapist. I’ve been interested in dreams ever since I had recurring nightmares of drowning when I was a preschooler. They became somewhat lucid “here we go again” and persisted until I was seven and one night decided I would rather die than walk through the horror of drowning again. I took an intentional big gulp of water and woke up and never had that dream again. I’ve had flying dreams, some momentarily lucid “oh, yes, here I go again! I know I have control!”. After reading Andrew and Stephen LaBerge’s books I followed the instructions and had a lucid dream where I turned an annoying woman’s shoes into purple rollerskates -quite thrilling! I’ve kept a dream journal for years. I have a number of recurring unpleasant dreams which I would like to end oR change. Thankful to be attending this lucid dreaming retreat and to be part of this community. Kathie 10/29/20


Hi Kathy,
I recently moved to San Juan Island, so we’re practically neighbors, give or take a ferry ride. I came to Andrew Holecek through a connection with Tibetan Buddhism. Been involved since the 80’s and even did a short retreat on Dream Yoga. My husband has recurrent dreams like you and some are unpleasant. When I was much younger I had some lucid dreams that were quite unpleasant. Kind of turned me off to the whole thing. I stopped remembering my dreams for years, and now that I’m interested again, I find that it’s been an obstacle. I’ve been talking Andrew’s class on Dreams of Light, which seems like a way to re-enter.

Curious, when you dreamed of drowning, did you ever actually die? Usually we wake up in fear at the struggle to hang on to life. I once had a dream where I let go and surrendered to it. It had an amazing outcome.

Welcome to the group. Glad you’re here.