Hello from Colorado


My name is Silvia, I live in Denver and I have just finished reading the drum yoga book. Yesterday I received the dream of lights book and I will start with that. I have taken the bardo course that Andrew had done for Tricycle. I meditate daily, I took few retreats with Sogyal Rimpoche and everything relating to death and the brads are a great hook and motivation for my practice. I consider dream yoga part of that. I barely remember dreams but since i started the practices on dream yoga I feel my sleep quality has changed. I am not stressing out. Just going at the pace I am. Good to have this site where to connect with others. Thank you Andrew for the work you are doing.


Most welcome Silvia, thx for the kind note. Had to chuckle with the typo “drum yoga” – hey, maybe a new discipline, why not!


Uuuops…sorry about that. Hi Andrew :slight_smile: