Hello from Xavier FRANCE

Hello, my name is Xavier. I live in France. I have been practicing Tibetan meditation for 8 years. I am a student of Mingyur Rinpoche. Within the framework of the teachings of the bardo I could discover the lucid dream. I had three lucid dreams that did not last very long. I continue to practice. I can remember my dreams very often but I have not had any other lucid dreams for several months. I am delighted to be able to share and participate in this forum with like-minded people.


Welcome to a website of like-minded people. The most frequent advice we hear is to write down whatever dreams we have and eventually we get more adept at becoming aware/lucid in our dreams. Are you keeping a journal or nighttime diary of your dreams. It’s “grunt” work, but seems to help many who are doing that.

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Yes, I keep a dream journal. It helps me a lot to remember my dreams. Before I almost never remembered them and now I remember them several times a week. Thank you for the advice.

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Welcome to the Club @Xav-F - looking forward to seeing you around! If you have any questions about navigating the Night Club - I’m happy to offer assistance :slight_smile: