Greetings from Seattle

Long time lucid dreamer here, I have been very interested in incorporating this into my buddhist practice. The quietness of quarantine has prompted me to really dig into the practice. Also, I have a new job where I don’t need to wake up until 6am (unlike the 4am wake up at my last job), so I am waking more naturally and am hoping this will lead to more early morning lucidity.

I am also deeply interested in bardo practices, and look forward to hearing more about that topic.

Look forward to sharing everyone’s adventures!


Welcome to the Nightclub Carol. Bardo teachings have been in the forefront during this Covid Bardo and there will another one coming up in a couple of weeks online with Andrew Holececk and Robert Thurman.


Welcome Carol, the nocturnal practices totally feed into bardo yoga, “the dream at the end of time.” Good for you, re using the quarantine as an opportunity to dig in. I’m doing the same.