Hello I am a dreamer

Hi I am from Australia.
I am a complete newbie to this space-I came across Andrew Holocek on the Ten Percent Happier podcast in a recent episode. I thought I need to know more about this, and it led me here.
I guess I’ve always been a little obsessed with dreams. I recall in childhood that my best friend and I would get together each morning before the school day started to tell each other our dreams and offer interpretations to each other.
I recently had a huge dream.
I dreamt that the world as we know it now was coming to an end, and I was being put into a space ship, into a deep sleep, and sent out to space. I actually had no body sensations at this point, only consciousness. I stayed out in space like this for aeons and aeons. I saw stars die, and planets be born. I stayed out there in space until eventually, a planet came into creation that had the conditions suitable for life such that I could be in a body again. I felt this intense knowing that the point of living was to experience love.
Then I woke up.


Welcome! :wave:

Sounds like a fun dream :sunglasses:.

Enjoy your stay!


Hi @Angierandell

My name’s Alyssa and I help moderate the community and all of our zoom meetings! We have a Dream Sangha group that meets on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month with @MABennett61 that I think you would really enjoy. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns I can help with. We’re glad to see you here!



Welcome to the club, so many great resources on here.

Sounds like a really huge dream, really cool. Not sure what it means. Transformation and Travel seem to be key themes, and that message about love is worth noting. Purhaps big changes are on the horizen for you? New home, new career, new lover, new country, who knows.

You may have already experienced that AH HA moment, in wake life the few weeks after the dream, where you get a lightniging flash of insight of “thats what the dream was trying to tell me”, sometimes coupled with a day time or mutiple synchroniciities.


beautiful dream.
thanks for sharing.
it’s the kind of dream that doesn’t need interpretation! :wink:


Thanks for sharing the dream, and for dropping by the Club. The world is made of love, and you are spot on in saying the point is to experience it – and live it. Great group of folks here, and tons of resources, enjoy your time. I had great fun with Dan Harris, big fan of his. Andrew H


Amen :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes indeed. The Universe has dreamt a planet into being where we can experience Love. And sometimes it can be a challenge to be here and to Love but the trip is worth it! You are the Universe manifesting as Love in human form!


I definitely agree, @MABennett61 does an awesome job, and the members are really knowledgable, many with a great deal of LD and Dream Yoga experience.

Hopefully I will start attending Dream Sangha regularly again in a month. Its tough with my schedule. Miss it a lot, that 1.5 hours flys by very fast.