Hi from Colorado

Signed up awhile back and am just now reinserting myself. I am in the process of shifting my reality through intention. I am at the point of reviewing 1 to 4 dream cycles each morning. Mostly just 1 or 2 on average but on nights where I am in real need of that connection, 3 to 4 cycles. Lucidity has been minimal mostly because of my lack of continuity, living with a high maintenance teen can be difficult. I also keep up with the world news, I will not be commenting on that. I am here because my connection to source or higher self is being lucid here now and while I “sleep”. I am driven to awaken from my slumber. I am not in a hurry, mind you, it will take whatever time it needs to take. But I am very passionate about it. :green_heart:


I missed your introduction @212Rubicon . I share your goal and your passion. With strong intention and diligent study and practice, you will no doubt succeed. :slightly_smiling_face:

“Without change, rest loose in the primordial state;
There is no doubt that your bonds will loosen.”

From: “The Mahamudra Transmission From Tilopa To Naropa”