Hi from Florida

Hello All from Florida. I have always been interested in my dreams. In 1960 I was at the University of Florida in Gainesville in the clinical psych program and spent nights in the dream lab hooking up volunteers to map the stages of sleep. But I was more interested in dreams rather than mapping the stages of sleep. I was an avid dreamer and got interested in Jungian psychology and filled a few shelves of a large bookshelf with my dream journals. During the early 90s I was flooded with dreams, was in psychotherapy and spent a lot of time at night recording my dreams. At some point I began to ignore my dreams so I could get some sleep. Night Club interests me because I’d like the focus to encourage dreaming again. My best dreams more recently are for others. Usually healing dreams for family and friends. It’s a good feeling to have an offering of positivity framed within a dream to give a seriously ill family member or friend.


What a great background you have! Welcome to the Night Cub. Looking forward to hearing more about your dream experiences. Have many been lucid? Have you developed specific sleep/dream practices over the years?