Hi from Malaysia

Hi Oneironauts,

I’ve been trying to practice lucid dreaming (and dream yoga) for only slightly more than a month. Still not lucid yet - only semi-lucid…
My background is mainly Tibetan Buddhism and I have been translating from Tibetan to English since 2015.

I did the Experience Lucid Dreaming course by Charlie Morley on Mindvalley last month and it was a really useful one. Look forward to all the events and discussions in the Nightclub community!


Welcome to the Night Club from Malaysia! Beautiful country. I used to live in Singapore in the early '90s and enjoyed casual trips across the causeway to JB and onto various points north. I particularly enjoyed Phuket and putting (dedicated) new shingles on a temple there. There are so many great Buddhist places in Malaysia that are generally less known than those in other Asian countries. Looking forward to hearing more about your translations and other practices and, of course, your first fully lucid dream.


Hi @boyceteoh welcome to the Club!


Thanks Barry and Andy!

Yes, the local Buddhism (of Chinese origins) is not Malaysia is not exactly flourishing. Theravada seems to be doing alright, and Tibetan Buddhism is growing, but not as fast as say, in the US.

I only have 2 published translations so far ( Meditation in the Himalayan Buddhist Tradition and a sadhana) and they are available on this website KAF Publications — Khenpo Appey Foundation

The translation of a commentary on Maitreya’s Ornament of Realization (in 2 volumes), which I’ve been working for over 7 years is still in the process of finalising a contract with Wisdom Publications, and this will probably take another 3-4 years to actual publication. This text covers the 5 paths and 10 bhumis, and is very complicated and philosophically oriented.

I have been a big fan of Mahamudra and Dzogchen, and recently dream yoga, on which I hope to learn a few things from you oneironauts. :pray:


Noticed this article today in my alerts:


That’s great news! Thanks for sharing Barry.

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Delayed welcome from me. I’ve been to Malaysia years ago, loved it (but a bit hot at times). Let us at NC know how we can help you on your journey. Charlie M is great, a skillful teacher.


Thanks. Means a lot to hear from you. Malaysia is actually too hot for me too :wink: I was happy to have spent 3 years plus in Nepal with cooling weather learning Tibetan.

I’ve been trying to practice the clear light of sleep during the past few years, but it’s a really difficult practice. And that’s why I’m trying to complement it with the practice of dream yoga.

It’s really nice to have the new webinar on the practice of dream yoga. Thanks for everything!