🙏🏿 How does Buddhist mantra actually work? Ten ways Mantra can tangibly . .

From the article:

The Power of Mantra

The power of mantra is not just the power of thought and sound — as powerful as that is. It’s equally the power of mind. It is connective, transformative, and enriching as a practice. The power of words is unquestioned. Although many point to the development of the “wheel” as the first great transformative development of humankind; in fact, the greatest development of all time is language and communication.

Mantras are communication. They are sounds and words. They connect us to mind and the Unverse. The power of sound is easily demonstrated. A soothing sound calm an angry person. A lullaby can put us to sleep. A diplomatic exchange can prevent a war (sometimes.) A prayer can heal. Mantras embrace all of those wondrous powers, but additionally connect us to our Buddha Nature, our own personal Buddha, the collective Buddha Mind. If that all sounds too mystical, fine, settle for they connect us to our own higher selves.