I Felt I Should Share my Method for Astral Projection

I used to do sleep paralysis induction in order to get a chance to OBE. I started doing this as a teenager. What I did is I’d fall asleep prepped with my mind set on being straight forward with this process as I’d wake up. So I’ll wake up with my eyes kept closed, right away I’ll close my mind and stay relaxed and completely still while awaiting sleep paralysis to in-full take over my body. It wont take long, but seconds is all it takes.
Once in sleep paralysis I would then continue by as I remember it, pulling carefully out of my body, as a spirit. The spirit, for me, will always need to be pulled out of the body using a method to release from the connection between body and spirit that works. There are many.
I’d envision my movements as I’d escape body. At that same time what I’d be focusing on is making cautionary movements, trying not to wake myself up as that may happen, and can happen with any irrational jerk, or quick and hard movement, or anything that is all-of-the-sudden. If you do not follow what I am telling you then this will not work, my method is followed to the T when I do this every time.
I was envisioning every move in full detail trying to make my spirit do it by itself with just the power of my thoughts, though that wouldn’t be it. To add to that, I’d make slight, time preserving moves. That was as I was attempting at causing a roll with my spirit from on to off of the side of the bed in the other realm of dreams. This is one way that works for me best to this day.
Your spirit will pull back into your connection to your body, but fight this. Don’t let it pull you back. Instead you have to pull outwards to the right or left to get yourself into a rolling motion in spirit. By the power of your imagination as well as the rest of this method, everything added up, you have a chance following through to make this happen. Take it from the person who made this whole method from scratch, and with years of effort put into bettering the way I practice it. I’ve grown accustomed myself.

Peace and love with many blessings,


Appreciate you sharing this. I got Robert Monroes book Journeys out of the Body last week. Am halfway through it. Very interesting stuff