Astral Projection

I am an expert at Projection, :upside_down_face:
but very ignorant on the topic of Astral Projection. :pensive:

I would like to learn much more about this sacred practice.

Any books, videos, or other resources would be greatly appreciated.


Greatly appreciate any wisdom yall can share on this topic.


I’ve just read Mark Gurriaran’s books “The Illusion of Method” (TIOM) and “Astral Projection Without Tears” (APWT). In TIOM he describes his thinking and journey with his own OBE practice where he goes from using common methods to not using any methods at all (basically). He motivates his theories well. And from everything I’ve read, his approach (based around setting intent and then forgetting it, completely letting go, and allowing the process unfold on its own) is also supported by authors like TWR in TYoDaS (“the secret teaching is – relax”). In APWT he describes a simple OBE practice based on his conclusions from TIOM, and gives ample support for his suggestions.

I haven’t had an OBE yet, it’s not something I’ve really tried, but this approach appeals to me for LDs, so I think I’m going to give it a go for OBEs as well.

The books are short, inexpensive, to the point, and well-written IMO. Well worth reading. It certainly opened my eyes about a number of important topics in approaching LD practice.


Neither have I but have heard it talked about in several LD books.

Some authors consider these just hyper lucid dreams.

Some say they are totally legitimate, and possible. And can be proven with confirmation from the outside world (seeing a pair of shoes on a neighbors roof)

Others say the are a combination of the above 2.

I believe they are 100% real experiences, and it is possible, based off of what I have read in many religious traditions.


"I used to do sleep paralysis induction in order to get a chance to OBE. I started doing this as a teenager. What I did is I’d fall asleep prepped with my mind set on being straight forward with this process as I’d wake up. So I’ll wake up with my eyes kept closed, right away I’ll close my mind and stay relaxed and completely still while awaiting sleep paralysis to in-full take over my body. It wont take long, but seconds is all it takes.
Once in sleep paralysis I would then continue by as I remember it, pulling carefully out of my body, as a spirit. The spirit, for me, will always need to be pulled out of the body using a method to release from the connection between body and spirit that works. There are many.
I’d envision my movements as I’d escape body. At that same time what I’d be focusing on is making cautionary movements, trying not to wake myself up as that may happen, and can happen with any irrational jerk, or quick and hard movement, or anything that is all-of-the-sudden. If you do not follow what I am telling you then this will not work, my method is followed to the T when I do this every time.
I was envisioning every move in full detail trying to make my spirit do it by itself with just the power of my thoughts, though that wouldn’t be it. To add to that, I’d make slight, time preserving moves. That was as I was attempting at causing a roll with my spirit from on to off of the side of the bed in the other realm of dreams. This is one way that works for me best to this day.
Your spirit will pull back into your connection to your body, but fight this. Don’t let it pull you back. Instead you have to pull outwards to the right or left to get yourself into a rolling motion in spirit. By the power of your imagination as well as the rest of this method, everything added up, you have a chance following through to make this happen. Take it from the person who made this whole method from scratch, and with years of effort put into bettering the way I practice it. I’ve grown accustomed myself.

Peace and love with many blessings,


Thank you for sharing this post, and your methodology for doing AP.

I have not been able to relax and bring awareness into sleep deep enough to consciously experience sleep paralysis, but now I have a new goal to shoot for.

I think the excellent Yoga Nidra videos on this site will help tremendously!


I generally always like to think “anything’s possible.” Just the fact that we are conscious beings on a ball of dust hurtling through the infinity of space in one of potentially infinite universes, I think it’s more than presumptuous to declare what is and is not “real”, “possible,” etc., especially when there are a lot of people who have had both LDs and OBE, and say that they are not the same. Compared to all that there is to know, I’m pretty sure we know next to nothing :).

I look forward to finding out for myself!

After reading Gurriaran’s works, and based on my own experiences, I think the most important skills to develop are “letting go,” and “mind-wandering” (the thing that leads to the body falling asleep).


Astral Projection | How to Have an Out of Body Experience

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Highly recommend this book but not any of the ones that came after.

Robert Monroe popularized the terms OBE and OOBE, and I’ve experienced many of the phenomena he describes in his first book. His attention to detail is the best I’ve read when it comes to OBE or what some would call astral traveling.

Monroe also had a profound realization about how astral realms can connect to waking life. I saved this section from his book because of the significance and impact this moment must have had on him, being a pioneer in the field.

There are many examples in Monroe’s work where he describes visiting the deceased relatives of close friends who had recently passed. These people had no belief in OBEs or astral realms so he did not share the experience with them, but that didn’t stop him from meticulously documenting these experiences in his book, noting the synchronicities that often followed his OBEs.

For instance, he once observed a much younger version of a person who recently passed that he did not directly know in an OBE. He was unaware that the individual had passed away or what they looked like in their youth. Later, when visiting with the persons relative he saw a photograph on a mantle which validated the accuracy of his experience.

The coolest part of his book is that you can feel his full journey, from being confused about the largely unknown phenomena at the time to slowly understanding that these realms are very real.

It’s also important to distinguish between lucid dreaming, astral projection, and OBEs. While some consider these terms interchangeable, believing they represent the same phenomenon, others see them as distinct experiences with unique characteristics. My personal belief aligns with the view that they can be used interchangeably and are essentially the same.


yes. indeed. this is what my almost daily practice of Astral Projection is about.
40 minutes of each day I do this, listening to an audio meditation from the “Robert Monroe Institute”. You can access it for free in a free “Mind Valley” account - it’s one of their free meditations.

The most enjoyable part of this meditation is that I have discovered what in Buddhism is called “hidden bodies” through it! Being in the body is the most amazing experience we can have. Being TOTALLY in the body, allows us to feel our subtle/energetic body. And from there, all experiences of astral projection can happen: the energetic body moving + the mind going to the astral plane, and so on!

We all experience OBEs unconsciously, every night :slight_smile:

this is the coolest way of confirming it’s an astral projection journey - also an important distinction for you to know if you are dreaming lucid or on an astral projection journey.

I have had contact with two masters who do it consciously. One of them, I had the privilege of seeing his astral body visiting me. When I saw him physically the day after I talked about it with him, and he replied “I like the way you talk about it”. I was very peaceful, direct and clear.

my epic teacher on this topis Jade Shaw, also does this.

yes yes, indeed. there is much in this world happening that is not being shared - that doesn’t mean it’s not happening… :cowboy_hat_face:

indeed… we are a miracle!!! :brown_heart:

yes… this is the BEST!

yes, and Jade Shaw, in my humble opinion is one of the people in this world who can do this.
She also comments that she does not Astral Project that much… because it’s such a sacred experience. One of her first experiences was to visit her father who had died and that was highly HEALING - this is the best thing you can receive from LD, OBEs and Astral Projection… understanding and healing of the heart.

One of my most amazing Lucid Dreams came from the intention to do an Astral Projection to visit my son… I did not succeed to do so, but on that night I met him in a dream, realized it was a dream and sang what Robert Moss calls a “Wing Song”… so one thing that I share many times is that, the most important is the intention, not the technique. In this way we keep open for what the universe wnats to deliver us!.. :star_struck:


Check this out!


Thank you so much for these references! Could you please link the actual audio you’re referencing, I’ve been poking around on the mindvalley site but can’t seem to find it?


I was also looking here at the PC and could not find it. But here’s the link from my cell phone:
I tried to open it on my pc and there was an error, but when I open it on my cell phone, it works!

Soon (whenever that means) I will have a Portuguese improved version of it, with my voice and the background of a musician friend. When it’s ready, I will share it here. We are also considering doing the English version but still did not naturally happen.


Thanks, it also doesn’t open for me. What is the title of the meditation? Maybe a search will work…


did you try it on your Iphone or smart phone?
it only works there…
here’s a print screen of it:

I “circled” where it is in the pic.


Are you using a specific mindvalley app, or a web browser? I see it now on the mindvalley app, but it doesn’t allow free access that I can see…


I’m in the app - that is free. I’m a member for two years now, but I know they have free features, such as the Robert Monroe Meditations.


It may be free within membership, but membership is pretty pricey itself…but thanks, I’ll continue looking around.


no! it’s free for anyone who downloads the app. and the app is free.


The app is free, I’m running the app, but when I tap on that meditation, it requires paid membership to listen.