I rode a tiger

…in my lucid dream after I heard the saying, “You’re already in the tiger’s mouth.” I showed that tiger! There’s often a touch of humor even in my dreams. Occasionally I laugh in my sleep.

I live in Pennsylvania with my husband and two kids. I began intending to lucid dream around March of 2021 in the midst of seeking spiritual awakening experiences. I’m also currently working on opening myself to more spiritual communication.

While dreaming I often find myself in a completely different “character”; I also sometimes am viewing the story from above. Dreams where I am myself usually show me very clear symbolism.

I’ve had a few vivid lucid dreams, but others have a foggy appearance. I’ve also popped into blackness, probably because of my intention to try prayer/meditation during lucid dreams. I intend to get more clarity.

I am also reading “Seth, Dreams and Projections of Consciousness” and have started a more detailed dream journal. I’m so excited to experience this unfolding!


Welcome to the club, Julalynn. I like your tiger dream. :slight_smile: I’ve read some Seth material (a long time ago) and have known some Seth readers that had quite interesting dreams seemingly as a result of deeply engaging with those readings.


Tigers seem to have much spiritual significance. Saw this this morning:

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