Greetings and Salutations

My name is Steve. I have practiced and taught T’ai Chi for over 40 years. I trained in Aikdo and became Sensei for many years after that. I write and record songs in my home studio.

I was introduced to lucid dreaming in February of 2019, just after my 67th birthday. I had what can only be described as an accidental lucid dream where I became completely conscious that I was dreaming.

That next day I began my research and my training. Since that night I have practiced daily and nightly with the goal of achieving an unbroken continuity of consciousness between awake and a’dream. After a number of pretty amazing lucid experiences early on I stumbled upon Andrew’s material and soon thereafter upon the manuscript “The Tibetan Yogas of Sleep and Dream”.

As I finish the 10th month of my intensive journey into this amazing realm I am having pretty amazing nights where I use occasional lucidity as a tool to work toward the pure presence of the conscious dream. This has changed my life. I wake in the mornings feeling light and refreshed as karmic traces continue to liberate.

Many nights of late I am finding myself in the clear light of a dreamless but vibrant place at the end of my dream yoga cycles.

I have incorporated all of this into my life, even as I rise every day at 4:00 AM for a long day in my office at work where I am able to work constantly on my daytime dream practice as well.

I am thrilled to find this community as the more I gaze…the more I crave to see. Thank you, Andrew.


Posting this the day after I joined.

I spent some hours yesterday perusing this excellent site…listening and reading. This is a treasure trove for someone such as me who is completely committed to this journey but lacks the crucial guidance of a teacher.

After a day that was filled with affirmations and revelations I was left with a renewed sense of purpose…and this morning I awoke from a night that gifted me with the longest and most spiritually rewarding lucid experience of my journey thus far.


Hi Steve,

I am new here. Altho a beginner, I am not a total novice as a dream explorer. I do find your posts interesting and informative!



Wonderful introduction, @Steve_Gleason. I was happy to read this (even a year later) and learn more about you and your path. It really is inspiring - your commitment to the practice and the fruits of your intentions. I’m happy you found Andrews work and grateful you are a part of this community (and for all your contributions to it). :pray: :heart:

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Thanks for that @AndyK . The Night Club continues to be extremely important in my on-going training and practice. Continues thanks to you, Andrew and your team for this.