"Living in a Simulation" [Pre-lucid] Aug 24, 1999 3:05 A.M

I was randomly reminded of this awesome dream I had 20 years ago.

I’m at a house with a friend of mine and an older man who seems like a sort of teacher/mentor. My friend and I seem young, maybe teenagers. The teacher sets me a task of digging up an old grave next to the house. There are 2 graves next to each other, I choose the one on the left. The one on the right, I notice, as I start to dig, has things sticking up through the soil, pointy rocks maybe [like stalactites]. I break through the soil, start pulling objects up. I can’t remember an actual body, I think I just pull up artifacts. I uncover more and more things, and eventually it is becoming a sort of passageway. I shout to the teacher “Can I ask you a question?” as he’s heading for a ladder to do some work on the roof. “No,” he says, “Keep digging!” This annoys me - I think that he doesn’t realize I’ve already discovered the big secret of this grave.

I keep digging and uncover a whole other level of the house. I go into this wonderful basement level, which is fully furnished and full of beautiful and interesting things and furniture. It is a bright, happy place and I think that I would like to stay here while I’m staying at the house. I have a couple of fears, though. I say to myself, “You know this is a basement apartment, right?” “Yes.” “And you know what that means, right?” “Yes - spiders.” I look apprehensively at the ceiling and the floor, but don’t see any. I also fear being locked in - what if somebody piles the soil up again, sealing me in?

I walk up to a section of glass panels that look like they would open to the outside, but instead open into more of this underground space. It is around this time that I realize I’m living in a simulation. I think maybe I get information, maybe in written form, from the teacher [almost wrote “master”]. I think my first intimation is when I realize that I’m not going to be spending a few days or weeks here - subjectively it’ll seem more like 2 years. Also, I know now that the master is gone away for a long time or forever. I know that it is possible, here, to change the parameters and characteristics of my mind, and want to learn how to do this - I want to become more intelligent, better, more perceptive. I think my friend knows how to do this but does not realize we are in simulation right now.

I go to him [upstairs I think] and try to break it to him gently. I say, “What do this and this and all this [pointing to a few objects, then indicating the outside] all have in common?” He doesn’t know. I point out more things, maybe including us. He’s getting a bit annoyed. Finally I say, “They’re all simulations, that’s what! We’re in a simulation!” My friend gets quite angry and denies it. He has a device that can tell if things are real or simulated, and he gets it out [can’t recall what if anything happens with that].

Now I’m somewhere in the house; I’m either remembering what has happened after that, or I’m thinking about what will happen: My friend freaks out, eventually kills someone who comes to the house. He [friend] doesn’t like some of the things that are happening with this simulated world. I warned him not to do anything like kill someone - he has to play by the rules of this place. The others don’t realize they are simulations. They lock him up for killing someone. Meanwhile I’m still here, I’ll be able to learn and grow.