Long train running (with snacks) (lucid)

Lucid segment of second last dream before waking:

I am in an old train waggon which rides at a high speed through a woodland landscape. It is a single waggon, without a locomotive pulling it. There are no doors at both ends, and the windows on the sides are open too. I can see the trees rushing by. I become lucid and say “This is a dream!”; am happy that I recognized the dream display as a dream.
For fun, I start running towards the end of the waggon - against the direction of travel - and am thinking briefly that my relative velocity against the ground has decreased, which I can visually verify by looking sideways through the windows while running. For a short moment, the memory of Einstein’s thought experiment comes to mind: a train travelling at the speed of light and some observer on the train putting on his flashlight. What would be the relative speed?? This thought fades as quickly as it came.

In the dream, I remember that I have two bags with me. I search for the second bag which is at the back of the train. A memory of being “on the run” from someone re-sets the atmosphere of the dream.
I find the black backpack on the ground and open the zipper. I think/say to myself : “Let there be something delicious to eat in the bag”.

I notice a slight mental tension: I am thinking of WHAT would be delicious but remember that I need to relax and let the dream be creative without “dictating” everything in detail. I know this will be more fun and the experience will be more detailed.
I put my hand into the backpack and start to feel the inside of it. My dream visuals go black (maybe because I am focused on feeling the inside of the bag). I feel a small carton box and I realize that it is a small praline box and pull it out of the bag.

Again the thought comes of what would be tasty but I let it go. I open the box and pull out a round praline chocolate. I put it in my mouth and wait attentatively for the taste to unfold.
Slowly unfolds a pistache taste and it grows from subtle to extremely tasty.
As I joyfully and curiously engage in the taste sensation, the taste becomes more distinct and I think in the dream “This is great!”. Still I notice that the taste is more subtle than in “real life”.

I look down and the scenary changes. I am in a room with a large window to a garden and a street in the back. I realize that I am losing visual detail and wish for more detail. I remember to let the dream do the work and relax while changing gaze, looking upwards. Indeed, the details return by themselves and I can see the window and the scenary of the garden outside in detail. After a few seconds, the dream becomes non-lucid and fades.

:wink: I can really recommend lucid-dream praline chocolates!!