Longchenpa - Finding Rest in Illusion - Chapter 1 - That is Like a Dream - Dzogchen

Enjoy these dreamlike spacious recordings of Longchenpa. This channel is gold.


Thanks for posting this! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

You’re welcome AndyK Listened to it during my evening meditation again yesterday after our group. it was even more profound than I remembered :slight_smile:

It’s basically an instruction in Illusory Form, Meditation, and how to become lucid during sleep.

With a master’s transmission through the words.

Good stuff for daytime practice


This is really excellent!

“Whatever you may do or think, never lose the thought that it is but a dream. All is without true existence; intangible, uncertain, evanescent, insubstantial, indefinable. Train yourself in this great state where there is nothing to be grasped.”



Brilliant. Thanks for posting. Appreciate the instructions!

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Lovely, thanks so much! Always loves me sum Longchenpa! :grin:

Anybody remember that old Intel commercial, “our rockstars aren’t your rockstars”…? Longchenpa’s one of my rockstars. :smiley:

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Great Rockstar indeed. Don’t miss the hidden treasures on her google drive. There is even more StarStuff. Not for the public eye :wink:

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