Mirror --> state check

Last night, I was looking at my reflection in a mirror and said “oh wait, is this a dream?” I tried to jump in order to do a state check … and woke up.

I’m not very lucid or stable with dream practice overall, but I do usually remember my last dream each night, and hopefully things will continue to heat up, if it’s like letting water come to a boil in a pot! What about you, any interesting dreams lately?


Very cool. When I first started meditating about 6 or 7 years ago, a mirror lucid dream occured. At the time I did not know anything about lucid dreaming, and how deep and spiritual these dreams can be, but I knew it was a significant dream.

Thank you for bringing back that memory :slightly_smiling_face:


Here is my most recent dream I had about 2 weeks ago:

"Shared this in the Dream Sangha today, I think you would like the group, lot of great people there:

I was camping it was sunny and daytime out in the woods and my young 3 year old neice was there, I asked her mother if I could show her the trail that lead up the mountain. She said yes, and I took my neice by the hand and lead her up the trail. Walking up I had the sense and knew this place had a lot of history of tribes living there.

At the top,there was a cliff, and it changed from daytime to night time. My neice disappeared with this shift of the dream, and I looked out acoss canyon to the otherside cliff where in the distance was a bonfire. This triggered lucidity, becuase the bonfire and fires in the canyon were aytypical for the remote area, and the geography was not matching the waking state. While lucid I tried to remain calm and walk to the edge of the cliff, to see how deep the canyon was. The closer to the edge I got the deeper I could see, it was so deep I could not see the bottom, and there were camp fires within the canyon, like people were living there, but I could not see any people.

Then I woke."

They will, as long as you keep throwing logs on the fire and stiring the pot. Dont get complacent, keep trying new methods, and keep on consuming as much info as you can, and I think you will have very promising results.

The mirror dream is no small accomplishment! Can you share any more details about this dream? What caused you to look in the mirror? Where were you located? What were you doing before you looked?


Congratulations on the lucidity, even it it was for a short period. Have to celebrate every win along the way.

Mirrors are my favorite items in dreams. Diving through them is so much fun. They are one of the best tools to use for dream transitions.

When working on recall one thing that always helped me was to repeat to myself every 5-10 minutes while laying down trying to fall asleep that “I will remember my dreams.”

As for dreams, I had a crazy one about a week ago. Ended up making a Dungeons and Dragons weapon based on the dream with quests. Shared it on one of their forums (I don’t play but thought they might like it).

Here is the weapon I made from it:

The dream was with a bunch of my dream friends. We were in a house and one of them handed me a normal looking staff. I reached at the middle of it and opened a non-visible container on it. Inside was a glowing eye. I grabbed it and placed it into the top of the staff and the dream said “Staff of Set The Destroyer.” Shortly after I shot an orb at the ground from the staff.

The orb tore a huge hole in the floor showing a completely different dream scene. All My friends walked over to it and stood around the circle looking down talking amongst themselves. I flew out the door and emerged at the scene that was visible from the hole in the floor. Then my friends jumped through the hole.

One of my friends summoned a car and we began driving. We stopped at a cloud where a guy was standing. After getting out of the car I walked up to the guy and offered to sell the staff for 500. He accepted, he said he would be putting it in his wife’s tomb and he didn’t see things like this very often.

My friend and I drove away. We returned to the house and with the money I built an animal sanctuary in the basement then the dream ended.

It was one of the strangest and most engaging dreams I’ve had in a while. It was all non-lucid.

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