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Beloved @BlessingsDeers, hope you enjoy

Why its so important to have good judgement and cognitive functioning at the highest levels of the executive branches.

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and a team connected, active and supporting each other - this is what touched me the most in the first part. each on their “role”, making it all possible. my favorite adventure part - with the motorbike entering the market through the window! AMAZING… doing this in dreams is THE BEST!.. (entering portals through windows) :heart_eyes:

in the second part I just like her… driving and extremely attentive, and the whole team effect again. interesting to realize how sometimes we think we did something wrong and… it was just perfect. for me the ancient woman is a bit like our higher selves, guiding us to do something and… even though we might not understand why, it’s always a good idea to follow its’ instructions… until one day… later… Eureka! :rose:
I also loved the music behind… it’s phenomenal how the composition of music and movement touches the human being so much!.. and keep us there, watching!

thanks for sharing - talking about our most loved movies is always a great base for analogies and creating more understanding.


Amen sister.

That is a interesting point I did not think of that. She did have the sky and window in her background…


Why not?


“Buckle up guys this is…”

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@BlessingsDeers I think you will like this clip at the 50 second mark, with the White Stallion:

Shes a rock star! ( :aries:) One of my favorite actresses.

“tell me you dont love me”

It took me close to a decade to find this song in full, found it this week, worth the wait:



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the part of the “dili did do douh da day” (something like that) made me think of something I saw some weeks ago:


I did like the part with the horses and it all… I also like this actress and all the passion passed through here. thanks for sharing.

today I have very intimate sharing…
three scenes of my favorite movies and the main message that touched me…

This movie was my father’s… but somehow it became my favorite movie in my childhood!.. :cowboy_hat_face:

“Fight with the head, forget the heart.”

“Hold it too tightly and you choke it, too lightly it will fly away.”

this on is more recent… :dolphin:

“it’s our wits that make us men.”


lol, I dont know what you are talking about.

Is it the part in the video where she is mocking the guy saying “come on baby…”?

The meme with Scooby had me laughing. lol


it’s Adele’s music… hihihi sorry… forgot to mention it.


As the Persian emissary boasts of their numbers, saying, “Our arrows will blot out the sun,” a moment of silence falls over the Spartan warriors, each man contemplating the battle ahead and what they stand to lose.

Stelios, ever defiant, responds with the iconic line, “Then we will fight in the shade.”

Leonidas, observing the resolve in his men, steps forward, his gaze sweeping over his warriors. “And should the sun be blotted out, and darkness falls upon us, let it be known that the darkness cannot extinguish the light within us. For the love we bear for Sparta, for our families, and for each other, does not yield to shadows.”

He raises his spear towards the sky, a symbol of their unwavering spirit. “True love never dies. It is the light that guides us in the darkest times, the fire that fuels our courage. We stand not just as soldiers today, but as brothers, sons, husbands, united by a love that death cannot diminish. They may take our lives, but the love we hold in our hearts is eternal; it will echo through the ages.”

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thank you for sharing this. it’s deeply moving :heart_eyes: :pray:t3:


One of my favorite movies.

Great mind thinks alike :slightly_smiling_face:

The name watermarked at the end of the video was pretty funny. :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:


Ah she says this:

“I’ve been walking in the same way as I did”

Now I see in the lyrics the part you are talking about. LOL very fitting with Scooby Doo.


From the new A+ series “Masters of the Air” Tear Those Fascists Down by Woody Gutherie.


Your clip remind me of this movie which was decent:

Interesting chemistry :libra: + :sagittarius:

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