Need feedback on dream problem with film references

Hello! I apologize i can’t attend the Monday 1pm dream group as i’m already committed to another zoom group at 1pm. I did want to share and discuss a dream that elicited a bit of a panic attack this morning. It has to do with path and transformation. Any feedback is welcome, especially anyone who’s watched the 1st season of Westworld, you’ll understand. SPOILER ALERT AHEAD.

Jimmi Simpson, who plays young William, was in my dream, and we were partners about to travel and move forward in our relationship, so it was a happy time. But something changed and i suddenly couldn’t find him. The house we lived in, and shared with other tenants, started to shift, and white walls went up, sealing the windows. I woke up in a panic.

I can’t accept that William became the Man in Black. I don’t believe anyone can change their nature to become totally evil. It worked in Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker because his conditions and potential were already unstable and limited. But William’s buddhanature was apparent from the start. No way could he become so dark. Even Darth Vader had his compassion intact.

I believe my subconscious is struggling with this same issue re: an ex. He became someone i don’t respect or understand, and the disillusionment is really difficult to handle. Wanting to understand is necessary for my own compassion to be genuine and deep, and my goal is to build that kind of compassion. Interestingly, it was Jimmi Simpson the actor who appeared in my dream and not William the cowboy character. My mind plays with fictional archetypes and wants to make them real all the time, but i sincerely want to wake up from the dream and apprehend what’s truly going on.

Thank you for reading.

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