Music, Meditation, Painting—and Dreaming

Thought this would be an interesting read for musicians, artists, or people who like to listen to music or those who dabble in art, as well.

When that intensity of attention is applied to creating, you can’t stand outside and watch it; you have to give up the witness.

Music, art, and meditation are all means of accomplishing deep mental targeting of our feelings of interdependence and compassion.


Great read, Barry! As you know I “write” and record music as an important part of my life. This interaction resonated immediately with me:

FF : Are you talking about lucid dreaming?

PG : No, but I can stand at the door of my dream and look into the room, as it were.

This is how I occupy my dreams…I stand at the door and look in and then I enter the scene with my senses wide open. This kind of dreaming has expanded my perspectives and has had a profound influence on the music that I produce.


Although Andrew is a professional musician, the utilization of music and art is only occasionally mentioned, though discussing the importance of mantras and sacred sounds have recently been an important topic. In addition, using symbols, Thangkas and statues—as observers—is always present, however, I believe the creative arts—writing and singing/music processes remain an area for fruitful spiritual exploration for most of us.