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I have been wanting to learn about this topic for at least a decade and half.

I am a blank slate when it comes to this subject matter, and would greatly appreciate any helpful or insightful videos on this topic.

Music Theory 1864x1040

"Creating good music isn’t just about having the right software or equipment; it’s also about understanding the language of music itself"



“Lets Buckle in…”


“Physical matter is music solidified” - Pythagoras

Above is a diagram of the harmonic series…

Below is a photo of a shell.…



Love this!

Physical matter is just vibrations frozen by the mind…


Wow! Just landed here @NightHawk999 thanks to @BlessingsDeers invitation and I’m very enthusiastic ( full of Theos, i.e. God!:smiling_face:)to dive into this illuminating material you have so generously posted here! Thank you brother!:blush:


Along the same lines, here is a free introduction to what is called the seven secrets of the supreme sound offered by an inspired artist/musician,Simrit. Enjoy! :pray::two_hearts:


Anytime my friend, I am still a Noob to this material, so excited to learn much much more.

Appreciate this, thank you



I God these pics so much!

The Eternal Lord is the greatest artist


I did enjoy it! :slight_smile: :dolphin:thank you So much for sharing.
Simrit is SO AMAZING - straight to the point!.. what an inspiration. :pray:t3:
I do work with the navel for so many years now… it’s SUPER important, not just for singing. She’s so much in what she calls NAD… (in video 2):

indeed beloved, indeed. it’s so wonderful to surf His waves in wonder, gratitude and lightness.


Yes! The Naad- the sound current or as Sikh traditions call it, the Shabd.The Life Stream. I’m reminded of AH teaching Everything is Sound and Light. :notes::sun_with_face::two_hearts:


It all a vibration baby!

Sound is vibrational waves traveling through matter (air, water or solid)
and Light is vibrational waves (aka photons) traveling through the Empty Void!

p.s. I love Simirt! I got to participate in a kirtan she led a few years ago at the Beloved Festival in Oregon. (She was raised within the Sikh - Yogi Bhajan tradition).

This one makes me cry and that’s always a good sign. Especially if you’re a male!
Here she is live in Grace Cathedral in San Francisco.


A simple basic guided Nada Yoga (yoga of sound) practice.


MG… such a profound beautiful music… thank you SO much for sharing… already in some playlists :dolphin: :pray:t3:

Brahmari Pranayama is genius! I did it and a huge light mandala appeared in front of me - very simple - a few circles with a strong emphasis in the center…
what a delight! thank you for sharing :brown_heart:


I have just watched video 3… what a gem :gem: infinite gratitude beloved Michael :sun_with_face:

Did a resume of the 6 secrets up to this point:

  1. Navel - the “spring board”, where it all starts and how breath carries the sound and enlivens our cells;
  2. Nad - Stream of life as you mentioned Michael, and quoting Simrit “it can change your life”, it allows communicating harmoniously, effectively and magnetically. “Full experience of the sound coming through us”. Simrit is really awesome!
  3. Anahat - the heart, the seat of compassion. Enlivened and passionate about what they are doing, not worrying about what others might think.
  4. Rhythm - inspiring us also to have a rhythm in our lives: finding our rhythm, our groove and our natural voice. Calm and ecstatic. “how awesome it is to be in a beautiful rhythm in your life” :heart_eyes: Simrit and her family love basketball @NightHawk999 and on this video 3 she used a very practical example with this sport to explain about rhythm :dolphin: “rhythm creates momentum, the energy flows propelling us into our greatness” + “a sound that can play you like an instrument” - MG… this is it! she’s really AMAZING
  5. Pronunciation. Good u is GENIUS!
  6. Projection - creating change inside that goes outside of ourselves, penetrating the other and have an effect in reality. “A firm and loving voice can change someone’s life” + “if projection is not there, the prayer is not going to work”.

“learning how to navigate our energy systems and centers should be taught to children since they are very little. we have the choice to project from our heart (…) by cultivating the life force” deeply resonated with that… :heart_eyes:
Amen! :brown_heart:
Reminded me of the Tummo practice:

Found this metronome app:

and it’s already installed on my smart phone :heart_eyes: great idea… so much FUN singing to different rhythms :sun_with_face:

Soon I will listen to video 4! looking forward to doing so… it’s SO MUCH FUN! I think all this juice is already helping me to improve my singing so that I can “blast people out and be an inspiration”… yehaaaaay! :pray:t3: :brown_heart:


Yay for “blasting people out and being an inspiration”! Goddess knows that the earth needs a lot more blasts of inspiration right now! :sunglasses:


I just tried to download the Soundbrenner metronome app. It says it’s free but then it offers me a 2 week free trial and then it’s $59.99 a year?!


Nada Yoga, the Yoga of Sound, is most highly developed in the practice of Dhrupad, which is the basis of Indian classical singing. Here’s an example of Dhrupad. I took some workshops in this a few years ago. Interesting stuff, but it’s a difficult and time consuming spiritual practice if you really want to walk down this path, so alas, my practice of this fell by the wayside.