Namasté and Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

I was searching on Zvi Ish Shalom Kedumah and found this site …

It looks great and I am so happy to be here with you!

Anyone wishing to connect on Signal here is my phone number: 0040701098821

Be love and spread love!



Welcome to Night Club!

The site can be a little difficult to navigate a first, but if you dig deep you will find tons of great resurces and videos!

What has your lucid Dreaming history been like? Do you meditate?

Happy New Year

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You might be interested in Andrew Holececk’s interview with Zvi Ish-Shalom found here.

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I love it.

I practice daily with mantra, metta, affirmations, Deity and Guru Yoga and prayer.

The Deity and Guru Yoga practices have a visualisation stage and I heard Deepak Chopra speak once of lucid dreaming but I don’t recall what it was all about I twice joined emergence experiences, once on IONS and once I believe on YouTube and I joined Eckhart Tolle Conscious Manifestation course twice and there were conscious manifestationa brought by grace and I practiced Kalpavriksha meditations designed by Sadhguru a few times, one was as part of the Save Soil movement.

I remember vividly four advices that I keep to heart. One is from Tenzin Khedrup Jigme Namgyal in which he said that Dharma is transmitted in person, another I read in Shunmyo Masuno’s book “Don’t worry” in which he said that close relationships need in person encounters, one is from Mallika Chopra in which she speaks of close encounters as needing to be in person and one from Deepak Chopra in which he said that interactions in order to be fulfilling need in person interaction.

And I know that oral tradition and oral transmissions are essential both for Dharma and for emotional well-being and intimacy.

Deepak said that manifestations need not always have that in person component, some manifest as dreams, some manifest as thoughts and some manifest as in person encounters.

I personally enjoy both thought and in person encounters and I do enjoy visualizing and dreaming and affirming the reality I create.

I joined a few Yoga Nidra meditations. One was with Tracee Stanley and practiced with a 7 day sleep meditation with Deepak and during that time had a dream where I was conscious while the dream happened. I also a had a vivid dream that I recall to this date to some extent.


Hi @SahasraraIm
Welcome to the community! My name is Alyssa and I help moderate the community and host all of the zoom sessions we have. Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can help with anything. We’re so grateful you’re here and I know you will find a wealth of knowledge within our community.


@AlyssaModerator How can I join the next to the last meeting you had together on Zoom ?

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Perhaps those quotes were pre-pandemic. Do virtual encounters online make the cut?

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Do you know the Sarmouni Brotherhood recital ?

S/He who knows and does not know that s/he knows: s/he is asleep. Let them become one, whole. Let them be awakened.

S/He who has known but does not know:
let them see once more the beginning of all.

S/He who does not wish to know, and yet says that s/he needs to know:
let them be guided to safety and to light.

S/He who does not know, and knows that s/he does not know:
let them, through this knowledge, know.

S/He who does not know, but thinks that s/he knows:
set them free from the confusion of that ignorance.

S/He who knows, and knows that S/He is:
s/he is wise. Let them be followed.
By their presence alone man may be transformed.

I who know, and do not know that I know:
let me become one, whole.
Let me be awakened.

I who have known, but do not know:
let me see once more the beginning of all.

I who do not wish to know, and yet say that I need to know:
let me be guided to safety and light.

I who do not know, and know that I do not know:
let me through this knowledge, know.

I who do not know, but think that I know:
set me free from the confusion of that ignorance.

We who know, and do not know that we know:
let us become one, whole.
Let us be transformed.

We who have known, but do not know:
let us once more see the beginning of all.

We who do not wish to know, and yet say that we need to know:
let us be guided to safety and light.

We who do not know, and know that we do not know:
let us, through this knowledge, know.

We who do not know, but think that we know:
set us free from the confusion of that ignorance.

As with our forebears
So with our successors.
So with us.
We affirm this undertaking.
So let it be.

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Have you praticed Dream Yoga stage 5, where you become your diety of choice in your dreams?

Andrew has a few really good videos on this. My favorite is the Book Study group video for his book Dream Yoga, I think it is video 25 or 26

Really beautiful. Very wise words.

I have never heard that before. Is it a prayer or mantra?

I’m sorry do you mean access the recording or join the next live session?
I also wanted to pass along a personal note from Andrew.

“Really great to have you, what a rich history you share! Look forward to “meeting” you at one of our weekly events. Happy New Year! Andrew”

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The next live meeting!

Thank you!

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It is a prayer. I am glad you enjoy it.

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Our next meeting with me on Thursday at 8pm Eastern time. Here’s the link for easy access!
Book Study Group

Here’s a link for all of our upcoming events too. You can click on each title and access the zoom information from there!
Upcoming Events


Thank you!

Which ones are free to access ?

Q&A is free to access!

Thank you, Alyssa! Looking forward to seeing you all!

You are so welcome! Q&A will be this Thursday! Just so you know :slight_smile:

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