Notes for Recording: Book Study "Dream Yoga" | 24 |

Not sure if appropriate, but I just listened to a recording and thought I’d share my notes, which aren’t by any means comprehensive but are just what stood out to me.

Starting on p.182 of “Dream Yoga” —

  • stages 2 and 3 are the ones that he works with most

  • transform things, add or subtract things (multiply things), change their size

  • empty nature of dream objects

  • change emotional states in waking life
    **This is a dream, I am free, I can change.

  • stage 4: create frightful situations and work with your fear

  • essence of nightmare principle is reification itself

  • follow your fear/resistance … this is where ego is hiding

  • book recommendation: art of transforming nightmares by Clare Johnson

  • jump off the cliff, jump into the fire, jump into the water

  • How could dream ___ possibly harm me? Jump! Examine it. Even though phenomena appears in mind it does not exist in the nature of its appearance. On an absolute level, you have nothing to fear. Emptiness cannot harm emptiness.

  • degree of lucidity matches how well you deal with fear

  • Everything that arises is the radiant display of mind.

  • There is no darkness within, there is only light unseen.

  • Q&A: you can stop the journaling after a certain point, unless they’re big dreams, if you’re just getting way too much to write down every morning

  • start highlighting themes (dream signs)

  • state check: jumping up and down, checking hands, etc.


Reminds me of a lucid dream I had, where at the end, as I was losing it, a janitor appeared and swept up all of the objects, mountains, stars, tables . . . and put them all behind a closet door that closed and promptly disappeared, and then blackness . . .


This is AWESOME! Very appropriate! I am going to copy these down in my noebook. Thank you very much for sharing these notes. Definitely appreciate having a ‘study buddy’ in this class!

This was a very powerful lesson I learned from Tenzin Wangl Renpenches book the Tibentan yogas of dream and sleep. Emotional states of Anger or fear or sadness are not as stable and lasting as they feel.

Really powerful quote.

There is a great line of Andrew in one of his videos where he says we suffer directly proportionately to how much we reify that ‘mental object’.

In my second lucid dream I first did a state check of finger through the hands, and it failed, so I thought i must be awake, but something in the back of my head made me want to do another check, so I jumped up for the first time, and began to fly. Was waiting for that moment for almost 3 years! It was worth the wait :slightly_smiling_face:


That is one of the best dreams I have heard.

I hope you find a medium or way that you can immortalize it.

I think a very deep message was being conveyed.

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