ONE LOVE - Bob Marley

I have watched this brilliant movie last week and ADORED it for several reasons:

I did not know about Bob Marley’s personal story and was SO inspired by it, expanding my love for this being :heart_eyes:

Along the whole movie there are scenes about his dreams… in a subtle way… but in one of the scenes,
@NightHawk999 he shares he had a precognitive dream before being shot and, I am very inclined to believe that he dreamt about his death. (will not share the scene for not spoiling reasons).

I LOVED it SO MUCH that I had two rastas wanting be born in the three days after… this is NOT funny…!!! hihihi


Oooh I didn’t know about this movie. Need to watch it. Love Bob Marley. He was one of the great poet-sages of recent times.


LOVED the movie trailer! Thank you for not spoiling it, I definitely am going to go see it!

Very happy you brought this to my attention, thank you :heart_eyes: :heart_decoration: :heart: