Pao-chih - Zen, Illusory Body, and Dream Yoga

Two quotes from Pao-chih (From Thomas Cleary’s Zen Reader) of the Chinese Ch’an (Zen) tradition. I’m struck by the similarity to the Tibetan/Vajryana practice of Illusory Body and Dream Yoga. Other than the final stanzas of the Diamond Sutra, I’ve never seen such a corollary and wonder if anyone more knowledgeable has seen such a confluence:

“When the illusory body faces a mirror and its form is reflected, the reflected form is not different from the illusory body. If you only want to get rid of the reflection but leave the body, you do not realize the body is fundamentally the same as space. The body is basically not different from the reflection. You cannot have one without the other: If you try to keep one and get rid of the other, you’ll be forever estranged from the truth.”

“While dreaming, you act in dreams; when you awaken, dreamland doesn’t exist. If you think back to waking and dreaming, they are not different from deluded dualism.”