Reciprocity Principle

A loose interpretation of the reciprocity principle is that if something works one way…it works the other way as well.

Last night, after a WBTB with very strong dharma practice, I went into a series of three short lucid dreams. I guess I was working with the classic lucid dreaming protocol of DEILD. Anyway…I woke up from them with time left in the night…pondering what I had witnessed and wondering if there could be another dream.

There was another.

This dream was SO real and not classically lucid. At one point I asked myself if I could possibly be dreaming again. I tried to put my finger through my palm and I could not. That dream ended with a very strong transformative experience.

My interpretation of the reciprocity principle tells me that if the dream is as real as the waking state…then the waking state must be as illusory as the dream.



Quite a step Steve. A tremendous realization based upon experience, always the best kind. You demonstrated that once we proceed with intent and focus and practice, what is left is what is found. Thanks for the inspiration. If we were on Reddit I’d give you a gold coin :moneybag:. Maybe two, after all it is a duality.


Ah yes, my friend, but a non-dual duality when witnessed from the Turiya perspective as both illusory experiences are rising from and dissolving into the same groundless ground. :wink:

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Yes, that’s the view!