Scientists Identify Déjà Rêvé ["already dreamed"], the Creepier Cousin to Déjà Vu

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Scientists have finally put a name to a strange phenomenon you might have experienced before. It’s called déjà rêvé , and it’s like the trippy, scary version of déjà vu . Instead of feeling like you’ve lived through an experience before, déjà rêvé is the feeling of re-experiencing a dream you’ve had previously — but fully awake

Déjà vu means “already seen.” Déjà rêvé means “already dreamed ,” which describes the sensation that what you are currently experiencing is a scene, a memory, or simply a feeling from something you’ve dreamt previously. It has probably been confused for déjà vu in the past, but in the 2018 Brain Stimulation study, the authors state that this is due to lack of understanding and vocabulary around “experiential phenomena.”



Oh I love this- love a new word (or two) and having a name for something I’ve experienced! Thanks for sharing!



I appreciate you sharing this one - I found that excerpt interesting and began to reminisce of an old reverie, toiling with thoughts in the same vein. Given the lack of clarity most people have with their lived dream experiences (not being able to recall every dream perfectly vivid), do you think that it is possible deja vu is referring to a dream as well? Assuming that the recall of such dreams is limited to the point that we simply denote it must be a prior waking experience - since the non-available dream provides no referential basis…? Not to mention most people don’t think of dreams as the first repository to source from in these scenarios. Most go for the waking memories, in accordance with Andrew’s frequently used term “wake-centricity”.

This would mean every event like such is deja vu, or deja reve, without being as different from each other as initially conceived, and perhaps ultimately being the same phenomenon. This was a thought that began irking me when I started diving into sleep/dream practices. It seemed like some deja vu experiences had the spooky sensation of being from a dream, so I guess they would be deja reve. but, this begged the question, is the dream realm really where all those funky sensations are originating? The concept of premonition certainly gets blurred in with deja reve. (I began having less deja vu, but that could be a total coincidence)

I’d be super interested to hear someone’s take on this who has a clear picture of each and every dream they experience, or maintains awareness throughout the night. Do those rare individuals still experience deja vu, deja reve, or both? I am far from being the individual to speak to that with any sense of accuracy, but oh what a joy would it be to listen to someone who exists in the way of being talk about this.

Cheers and thanks for bringing up such a perplexing topic.


Possible? Yes, in the sense “I don’t know for sure that this is not true.” But in general I tend to believe deja vu is a kind of memory glitch in which you falsely remember something that either just happened or is now happening as something that you experienced before; I suspect deja reve is much the same. Sure is an eerie feeling though.



This is very cool, great post

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