Simultaneous or Parallel Dreams

Between finally exploring this community at length and the current lucid dream summit going on, I’ve felt a rush of energy to revisit older dream journals and other topics of interest that have arisen as a result of far-out dreams. I am thankful for the flurry of activity I’ve seen in the group, and am increasingly excited to see what comes about.

This topic was one that I had a difficult time researching and also contested myself due to the experience being contradictory to the norms of everyday reality. Essentially, the dream(s) - either lucid or non-lucid - is one which the dreamer recalls having two (or more) dreams happening at the same time, or jumping back and forth. As a result of experiencing this phenomenon on rare occasions, I awoke to feel thrilled that I’d stumbled across something new and previously not accessible to my own consciousness.

With a high level of criticality towards my own recall abilities, I thought that this may be a blip in reconciling the timing, linearity, or narrative of these dreams. I gained a burst of confidence that this concept was not so outlandish when I had a more lucid experience of “showing” a dream character the ability to go back and forth between dreams. This furthered my interest in the topic, but the nature of how this process works is largely a mystery to me (and I am not currently schooled in any of the fields that would be capable of researching or explaining it).

To further complicate things, an experience unfolded one evening that led me to believe the simultaneous dreams were affecting each other or were linked in some way. Considering that this occurs with other dreams happening in a linear fashion, the idea doesn’t seem all too crazy. Without getting into too many details that would better serve for the “dream journal” category, the relation of these two dreams was one which allowed the objects/events in one dream to affect the entire framework/environment of the other. An example of this would be: receiving an award or an otherwise pleasant event occurs in dream A, the scenery or skyscape in dream B becomes aesthetically pleasing. The opposite could also be true, where an event such as receiving bad news or criticism occurs in dream A, and the buildings in dream B start to tremble or darken.

Without getting too heady or woo-woo about the subject, my takeaway is that the mind is powerful beyond the conventional/limited descriptions of the brain - with imaginative or creative abilities less restrained at night.

I am curious what the group’s thoughts are on this, if there have been similar precarious experiences, or if there are existing journals/research about anything related to this post.

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Interesting to think about Max. I did have one rare night where I was having 4 or 5 dreams at the same time and could enter any dream at any time and participate lucidly. It was exhilarating and I thought about a painting/paintings based upon those dreams. I did some sketches and I’m still planning to paint it/them.


Hey @_Barry !!

It won’t be available freely for much longer, but as part of Day 4 Lucid Dream Summit with Charlie Morley - Jennifer Dumpert is interviewed and talks about this experience. I will say it was only a portion of the talk, but it’s always exciting to hear someone talk about an uncommon experience you’ve had.

I just saw this and wanted to make sure you were aware - take care :slight_smile:

p.s - it would be awesome to see how you express this through art, amazing.

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Thanks Max, I bought the subscription last month and I will check this out amongst the first videos I go through tonight. Glad you scored a hit right away.