Success! and momentum building

Hi y’all I thought I would just plug some of the techniques and ideas from Andrew’s book and nightclub that seem to be working pretty well for me.In the the last 2 weeks, I have had 4-5 lucid dreams. I’ve also had dream recall nearly every night am starting to navigate the hypnogogic space more skillfully (despite my competing desire for ignorance lol). I have also used Galantamine with great success, only 4mg.

Techniques that have helped me build the momentum thus far:
setting a repeating alarm for every 10 minutes to do reality checks

Reality check by trying to push hand through other hand, looking around, asking myself if I am dreaming, looking for writing and seeing if it changes, trying to jump and see if I float or fly, plugging nose to see if I can breathe through it

Looking for Weird stuff in my immediate environment (This has been the funnest thing)

setting a different specific prospective memory cue every day to do an RC

Meditation, lovingkindness, jhana, vipassana noting, and fire kasina. This was my practice beforehand and it is a very supportive base layer for LD and DY stuff in terms of concentration and clear seeing. My meditation practice is very dynamic and modifiable so folding in LD induction techniques works well. The whole point of DY for me is being able to extend my daily practice into the night

Drawing and visualization exercises, trying to stabilize an image in mind’s eye

Steeping myself in LD literature and media.

Interacting with community, meeting up with and talking with people about this stuff.

Writing about it.

And looking forward to exploring VR stuff when I get the chance, though I have been still able to explore the ideas behind the mechanics of VR and how it relates to LD and DY. Anyways, hope this helps and inspires someone. I know what’ I’m doing is not necessarily sustainable but i tend to try a lot of things, see what sticks, drop some stuff, revisit what I dropped later from a different perspective. It’s a fun way to move forward. Good luck y’all.


Thanks for posting about your various practices. What kind of drawing/visualization exercises are you doing?

I was glad to be able to demo the Oculus Quest VR system to you – would you like to share anything about how that experience was for you? Did it affect your dreams at all afterward? Do you plan to further explore VR at some point?


Hey Arthur! as far as drawing, I have been doing little sketches of dream stuff. I’m taking that practice particularly slowly.

Yes and thanks again for the VR demo. I forgot to tell you that my roomate picked up an oculus quest last week based off of my recommendation, which was of course based off of your influence! So we’ve been playing games like super hot and using tilt brush. My friend has made little worlds in tilt brush and I have practiced sitting in the space and putting my “hands” or head through things to try and break down that sense of “realness” or stability of form.

It has been fun but I have not seen it come up in dreams yet. Of course I have not used it much because it’s not mine and I don’t want to just overdo it haha. My plan is to get my own oculus quest next month so that I can take the time to explore its dream applications and not have to worry about handing it off to someone else constantly.

I have had interesting physical impressions/flashback type memories occurring after playing super hot which were quite interesting

Galantamine, liminal surfing, and kasina meditation have had the strongest effects so far with dreaming. But I imagine spending 30-60 min playing some flying games in VR would produce some interesting results


It’s totally awesome that your roommate got a Quest and that you’re planning to get one as well! I did a demo for someone on Thanksgiving and they ordered one on Amazon before they even left my house. That kind of thing has never happened with my desktop VR system. I think the Quest is much more accessible for people because it’s self-contained and relatively inexpensive. I look forward to hearing more about your explorations in VR once you get your own and have more time to spend with it.

I’d also love to see some of your dream sketches if you feel like sharing at some point. Either offline, or if you feel like posting any to the thread Artistic representations of dreams (paintings, video etc)



@Spiderchlome following , thanks for sharing. Studying yoga philosophies this summer , have some catching up to do. Appreciate the share.