The Case Against Reality: Why Evolution Hid the Truth From Our Eyes

I’m thoroughly enjoying Donald Hoffman’s book, “The Case Against Reality: Why Evolution Hid the Truth From Our Eyes.”

It’s a startling expose about non-lucidity in the deepest sense, how we’re asleep to the nature of reality – and how evolution actually works to mask the truth.

In this book he finally has a few things to say (in chapter 10) about how his view of “conscious realism” dovetails into spirituality. I wish he would have said more, but at least he tries to make the connection.


I am currently reading “Deviate;The Science of Seeing Differently” by Beau Lotto. I think it is in the same vein as Donald Hoffman’s book,although I have not read that. I’m about 80% of the way through “Deviate”. I am finding it a little hard going but eye-opening if you will excuse the pun.


I have been following Dr. Hoffman for a year or so now. His “Conscious Agents” theory really helps me to feel a real world connection to the concept of illusory form.

As MartynSuma indicates, there are now a number of others in the science community who are getting behind the possibility that the world we see is not the world that we live in.

This is exciting stuff for me from both a physical and a spiritual perspective.


All of a sudden Donald Hoffman is popping up everywhere. This short snip I stumbled on 10 days ago helps establish reality as the interface for consciousness which seeks joyful expression was so great to listen to.


I would also recommend “The Feeling of Life Itself “ by kristopher Koch. Another scientist who is getting the primacy of consciousness. He also makes a point about why consciousness will never be uploadable or occupy AI. Nice book.


Add The True Nature Of Reality Dr. Bernardo Kastrup, whose book, “Why Materialism is Baloney” offers yet another view of the emptiness of materialism. Good summation of how things are at 58:50 of the video. Free will? (129:00). Psychedelics and death? (136:00). The Adaptive self vs natural self (148:00) is a dynamite conclusion.

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