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bitcoin penetrated 59K today and yesterday

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Hit a low around 57K

These are interesting technical levels, you may see a big move in either direction from here, if it holds, you may see a bounce.

I am still a fan of Gold and silver, there may be some short term selling, (especially in gold) but I think buying the weakness might be wise.

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If you can afford to . . . . .

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Silver is the poor mans Gold

JC was on yesterday saying the fed meeting was good for the market. So maybe a bottom is in for the selling? IDK, I still like the May 20th date he talked about.

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Bill Clinton Campaigns In Iowa For Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton

“Nothing is as it seems…”

Yes Sir.

The price action was pretty powerful on Friday. Maybe JC was right?

Bitcoin bounced big off these levels=


Biden sets huge new tariffs on electric vehicles, chips and other goods from China

Thanks for waiting 3 years to pour water on this forest fire. Better late than never.

JC says this will benefit some US companies.

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Nice to see toy companies capitalizing on selling smut to children :nauseated_face::

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Nope . . . . ………………………

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‘Butcher of Tehran’ dead but Raisi’s legacy continues as Iran appoints acting president

“history doesnt repeat itself…”: