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β€œβ€œIf you understand what the real cycles are, you don’t have to buy the most expensive home in history right at the top of the market and then moan for 14 years while it goes through the next downturn, like '29 to '42 or '68 to '82,” the author expanded, β€œor what would have been, without all this $27 trillion stimulus, 2008 to 2022.””

"Dent estimates that a market bottom will hit the U.S. economy in early to mid-2025. | "

Might just be fear mongering, so take it with some huge grains of salt

I dont think the selling pressure when the big storm hits will be as bad as this guy is saying, but a 20-30% pull back seems very possible in the next few years.

JC said this week on MM that he believes the economy is slowing.

He is spending the week diving deep into good Big Pharmaceutical Stocks.

Big Pharma stocks are highly recession resistant, the fact that he warned of slowing economy and is spending so much time on these stocks, makes me much less optimistic about the near future, and much more cautious.

California releases thousands of pedophiles less than year after their convictions, data shows

Not the first time this state has sent wolves back into the flock.

Great for the states budget, terrible for the lives of the most innocent and vulnerable.

JC said today on MM, that this rally may be a really good time to sell into the strength.

I was told by a friend today less than 2 dozen megacap stocks are holding up the indices. When or if they turn south, this may spell bad news for these averages.

Mad Money – 6/17/24 | Audio Only

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2 days down 10%, JC still thinks its best in breed.

Not sure how short lived the selling pressure will be, there is a lot of demand hiding on the sidelines. Down 15% or 20% might see some very strong support.

Watch the VIX,
these past few weeks, it has made a series of higher lows, might be due for a pop in the near future.