The Path to Enlightenment


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Ha! Just noticed that…

I have no idea…

btw…I’m thinking that the dog and the cat are already enlightened…

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Sujata, I can see this two ways:

  1. dogs and cats naturally live in the present moment
  2. It’s a classic pre/trans fallacy – dogs and cats are pre-egoic beings, humans are egoic beings, and “enlightened” people are trans-egoic, i.e. have transcended identification with ego in some sense; people commonly confuse the undifferentiated chaos of a being who has not developed an ego with an egoic being that has transceneded identification with ego. People make the same mistake with infants – to which Ken Wilbur responds: if you want to see how “enlightened” an infant is[n’t], take away their binky

@Steve_Gleason when you hover over the cake it says “Today is the anniversary of the day I joined this community”. Isn’t that sweet - and aren’t we glad you did! :smiley: :cake: :fireworks:


Andy! Thanks for that! I just hovered…and smiled. :sunglasses: