Using VR for stages of DY

I still don’t have a vr setup but played some flying games at the vr arcade the other day and it was a trip to be doing that so easily just by putting on a a headset. About a week later I had a lucid dream where I tried to fly but instead just jumped very high. My mind couldn’t completely let go of normal physics. So anybody use flying games to translate into the first stage of DY? What about other stages?

@ArthurG mentioned walking through walls in VR by accident, that’s stage 2 of DY right?

Btw here’s a VR I hope to fly around in at some point, not sure if it is any good, but seems like it would do well for getting the mind more flexible for flight:


Hey Chloe, I support this plan. :slight_smile: To be clear, I very deliberately (and sometimes accidentally) walk through walls in VR experiences.

Megaton Rainfall does look like fun, but I have not yet tried it.

In my own flying dreams one way I’ve often gotten started is by running fast, and repeatedly jumping off the ground, progressively going higher and further until finally I’m flying.


p.s. when you come over to demo the Quest I have at least one flying experience on it that may interest you.