Videos from YouTube - one unlisted (that you don't find if you search for it), one from YouTube with an RT show but not from RT YouTube Channel

and one with Russel Brand and Eckhart Tolle from two months ago:

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I tried to watch the first video, but it would not play because it said it was private.

Trump made a lot of mistakes, but I think one of his biggest mistakes was not to pardon Julian Assange. Very Foolish.

RT (Russia Today) is known as a Kremlin-controlled propaganda organisation.

Why do you link a propaganda channel on Nightclub?

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@SahasraraIm The Ekhart interview is really good:

“Many things have become so insane that they need to be questioned…The mainstream media calls you a conspiracy theorist, and thats a good sign that people should begin to listen to you, you must be doing something right if they are calling you a conspiracy theorist.”

I saw Russel interviewed on Tucker Carlson last week, he sounds very smart and well informed.

“The narritives that are being created that are sometimes quite insane. But you question it without malice, without demonizing any group of people, and thats very important. If you see insanity manifested in certain humans or groups humans. If you demonize them, then you become drawn into the same state of consciousness that they are in”

Really brilliant


Well, that’s how things change … It is a video with John Butler from a channel on YouTube called Spiritual Unfoldment with John Butler. He is talking of his journey into Orthodox Christianity as a man born in England with a Russian mother. In that particular movie he expounded on the slavic mentality from his experience in his trip to Russia.

It’s a nice watch because it provides a different view from a wise man grown-up in the western culture.


I checked out John Butlers youtube videos, looks like he has some really good stuff: