Writing your Spiritual Care Directive - Starting Tuesday, Sept 19th

Planning for end of life is an act of kindness, it is bodhisattva activity. And having a READINESS for dying as a practitioner helps us relax, maintain a continuity of our practice, and create a life of virtue through the end of it…to name just a few of the countless benefits.

This group gathering is being hosted by Tara Mandala and held by Rhonda LoPresti, End of Life Coach.

It will meet for 8 Tuesday nights at 5:30-7:00p PDT and Fridays at 12-1p PDT for discussion.

We will move through a 10 part template (Spiritual Care Directive - Buddhist Plan for the Time of Dying) that invites you to WRITE down your wishes, aspirations, and vision of what dying well means to you personally.

For more information and to register go to (Teachings, Courses, & Retreats - Tara Mandala)


Very cool, got me thinking its time to start writing a Will.

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It is! Better to write now while you can think clearly and access support.

There are 5 important documents that we should all complete - Power of Attorney (Assign someone to make all your financial decisions), Medical Care Directive (clarify your medical decisions for an advocate), Trust (if you have assets, real estate), Will (assign your possessions) and a Spiritual Care Directive (express your wishes as a practitioner to those who will attend to your dying and deathcare).

Happy to continue this conversation and inspire you to “rest assured” that your affairs are all in order!


This is very helpful, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

I am halfway through Andrews Preparing to Die book, and he mentions the same thing you do about Spiritual Care Directives, and even forming a group of spiritual ‘friends’ who will help make sure those directives are executed.

I had never thought about this before, and how of the 5 things you listed, this is probably the most important. I dont know much about Buddhism, but it is my understanding that the behaviors and mental states of those around you while you are dying or dead, can drastically influence you in the death Bardos.

Really appreciate you mentioning those things.

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