AI drawing tool to help draw/express dreams

Found this awesome tool today and wanted to share. I’ve often wanted to draw my dreams but I am not a very good artist. This allows you to write(in text) what you want AI (Dall-e mini) to draw and it renders 9 drawing in about 2 minutes.

Perfect timing for me, last night I stepped into a deity dream body that I imagined. I started as a celestial and at the very end of my dream a golden energy ball shot into my dream body transmuting my armor from base colors to gold. The diety I’ve imagined is a transmuted marvel celestial. Instead of consuming a planet the diety helps civilization use the kardashev scale’s theory on harnessing energy to reach a level 7 civilization (omnipresence).

I was able to generate some drawings that puts an image to what I saw myself as in my dream. It is not exact but it is able to portray the feeling I had while looking at myself. It is such a fulfilling feeling to have an image that loosely resembles what I experienced in my dreams. I hope you are able to experience the same feeling too! :slightly_smiling_face:

Here are a few of the drawings I liked that Dall-e generated.


This is one of my final dream yoga goals prior to resting in the clear light mind drawn by Dall-e mini (surround myself with mirrors then tell my reflections to go help other planes of existence in all ways possible :sparkling_heart:).

Also here is a video explaining celestials in marvel if you are not familiar with them.


Thanks for posting. Interesting AI drawing.


The dream I had last night really opened my mind to what is possible inside the dreamscape. Dropped in (WILD) and was surrounded immediately by hundreds of dream characters in every direction they were all evenly spaced and copying my movements in perfect synchronicity. I looked left, they looked left. I walked forward they walked forward. I stopped they stopped.

In the moment I was upset because it felt so uncomfortable and this dream had ruined the intention I set prior to the WILD(to morph a dream character into the diety I imagined in the above post). Eventually the dream faded as I was getting increasingly frustrated trying to get the dream characters to stop mimicing me. In doing so I now realize I missed out on a great opportunity to complete 3/5 of the remaining goals I set for myself.

If I was able to be present in the moment I may have recognized I could have morphed all the dream characters, not just one and sent them all to different dimensions / places.

Ironically these 3 steps are the ones I have been having the most trouble trying to figure out how to do. My solution was surrounding myself with mirrors but the dream world pointed me in the right direction answering my final question with emphasis.

Missed opportunity for sure, but in doing so I was able to collaborate with DALL-E this morning and come up with a picture that had an even better concept then I could have imagined.

In the bottom of this picture is the Earth and on top is thousands of dream characters. My Mom and I photoshopped the golden diety getting ready to morph all the dream characters and send them out to help in all dimensions and realms I’ve been blessed to explore in dream yoga. Also if you look closely in the foreground you can see human arms demonstrating the layers to the dream.

I am going to try to incubate this dream to complete my last 3 tasks prior to meditating in lucidity and resting in the clear light mind in one dream I’ve dubbed “orientation”.

Also this list is the one I have been working off of which I made based off Andrew’s book Dream Yoga.

Going to be taking a break from lucid dreaming/dream yoga for a bit because I have a vacation coming up next week with my family. Take care everybody :slightly_smiling_face: happy fathers day to all the dads out there and best of luck on your own personal journey!

Edit: Just wanted to add a song I enjoy listening to. :v:


Really love that dreams you had, I am jealous! And the computer program is a very fascinating idea. It seems like it is only in its infancy, will be really cool to watch what it can do 5 years from now!

I hate to say it, but it sounds like you already were successful in morphing yourself into a deity! That change in the body armor has to count for something.

How long have you been practicing your lucid dreaming/dream yoga skills?

I have been trying for a year now to become lucid on demand and have been unsuccessful. I got a little bit discouraged this week, but I know it is my own fault. I have not been doing enough meditation or practicing reality checks obsessively.

Any good tips you can give on how you accomplish the WILD technique successfully. I have had small success in manipulating the hypnogogic state, but cant seem to breath life into it fully and turn it into a dream.

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This is the version the public has access to. DALL-E has come a long way but they are not releasing it because of the potential for misuse. The current edition is called DALL-E 2 here is some art showing you what DALL-E is capable of now.

A portal to another dimension in the style of a soup bowl:

Come visit see you on the 9ther side :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Take care everyone that last picture is how I envision myself at this time. I will be attending Andrew’s retreat in July to get personal guidance on my final step, resting in the clear light mind. This week for me marks the end of something I’ve been working towards for awhile. Time for me to rest. :heartpulse:


Yes but unfortunately I have aphantasia so my experience may be different from yours. I have been guiding my mom to do the WILD technique(she also has aphantasia) and I will break down what I said to her to the most important bits.

After you can recall atleast 1-2 dreams a night set the intention to wake up naturally between your dream cycles. When you wake up stay very still and start counting. If the number gets to high you can reset to 0. When your mind starts getting groggy and you forget what you were thinking and random thoughts begin coming through you must “walk the tightrope” or an analogy I like is walk the middle path. You must carry awareness through this state without engaging in it otherwise you will wake up. If you engage too much this is trying to hard. Not engage enough , trying too little, you will wake up hours later. Stay in the middle and you will find yourself in a dream within 1-2 minutes.

This last part takes experience it can not be taught fully with words. It is like walking a tight rope. Do not give up you are very close to having a WILD.

Edit: to answer your question I have been a lucid dreamer on and off for about 7-8 years dream yoga I dove deep into for about 8 months but I had a strong background in lucid dreaming that helped me progress quicker then normal.


yet another . . .


Those pics are really awesome, did you draw them with DalE?

Best of luck to you with the final step. Looking forward to hearing more about your progress. :slight_smile:

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Really appreciate that advice. Those are some very helpful tips!

I have been trying to do WILDs when going to bed, not in between dream cycles, thank you for helping me with that obstacle. I think doing it in between dream cycles is a much smarter strategy.

Much appreciated my friend!

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Those are a set of the pictures the developers have released to the public.

I decided to do a study on galantamine after Barry said it was a good med and hearing Andrew’s view on it in his book studies/webinars.

Will stop by after it is completed. So far the results are incredible!

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Love you all! Time for me to disconnect. If you wish to meet me visualize a soup bowl with a portal to another dimension inside of your lucid dreams. I will be the astronaut that shows up. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkling_heart::heartpulse::pray:
This is not good bye for ever but good bye for now. :alien:

Hope you understand.


I will try to visualize soup bowl, maybe we can do a meditation together on Neptune?

Wishing you all the best my friend, you will be missed.

Wish you much luck on whatever journey or endeavor you are setting out on. Be safe, and if you can’t be safe, be Smart.

Happy fathers day to you and the other members here.

Hoping you return soon and with a big bag full of new tricks for mastering the dream world, and beyond…

If soup on Neptune doesn’t work out, I will settle for tea on Jupiter :slight_smile:

Go with God, and be well

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Love the songs you listed

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Ironic, I was discussing with my mom how Jupiter would be the first planet I’d look into harvesting energy from.

Then I turn on Orville, the episode that just came out and watched it. There was a scene that an entity showed up and offered a cup of tea. Worth a watch :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

It has been a pleasure tomorrow marks the official start of my vacation and I think I peaked last night when my wife told me she felt like she was living with a little child. Better better sign off. :crazy_face:

A parting gift:



Dont think either instance is Ironic or a Coinicidence…
Really glad you shared that!

The pics are awesome. Especially the one with the golden planet. Your work with DallE is really impressive.

LOL, perhaps she was trying to tell you that you will be a father of a new child soon?
If not, often times when women are mad it is rarely at the behavior that that catch you doing, it is more probable that the behavior was the straw that broke the camels back, so to speak.

If you get a chance to get outdoors and camp, take it, even if only for a day trip.
In the early morning sky you can see Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and Mercury about an hour before sunrise. Look North East

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Pretty cool to see how far it has come in a short time. Tuesday they just announced ChatGPT 4 and it is blowing people’s minds with its capabilities. Here are some updated image producers.

I also usually put my prompt through this before making any images. It produces much better results:

Also this is good for all things AI:

Exciting times :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve been a tech guy for a while and I appreciate how it’s developing. I am also a Waldorf trained educator who appreciates the “DaVinci” in all of us!

I compared one recent dream drawing with an A.I. generated picture. I like them both.