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This didn’t apply completely to the other thread about AI, so I wanted to start a new thread dedicated to other technologies that are pretty cool. :sunglasses:


Really cool how fast the tech is progressing.

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Wanted to include this here. The hospital I work at recently did a pretty large expansion, while it is not 100% “new tech” the research to implement it that is behind it probably involved tech.

They call it a green roof.

Also, recently for mothers day my wife and I purchased some cool bird feeders for our moms and I treated my wife to one for our anniversary. Some highlights of the bird visits we’ve had. The feeder is called Birdfy Lite.


Oops, almost forgot this guy :smiling_face:.


Love jays and cardinals.

That red in the winter is a treat.

In the forest in the dead of winder I heard the call of a red tailed hawk 2 years ago, I checked the sky and tree line and could not find the raptor. I heard the call again and zeroed in on the tree location it came from, there in the branches was a Blue Jay, immitating a red tailed hawk sound perfectly. Really cool!

LOVE the new tech!

I think studies have shown patients recover faster if they had a window looking at nature im their room, versus the ones who had no window in their room.


Interesting synchronicity, was flipping through a bird identification book that listed all the birds in the state earlier today :slightly_smiling_face:

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I had one with you the other day from your posts but forget what it was at the moment. Definitely in synchronization :+1:. Hope all is well!


@mbready been good here, how about you? Been spending as much time outdoors in this weather as possible, winters here are pretty brutual, its a welcome relief to see life and nature start to open again.

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That is good to hear. Work has been pretty busy as of late (ever since I hung metatrons cube and started thinking/gesturing the father son and holy spirit blessing to myself when I put on my cologne ironically but that is a whole story unto itself :smiling_face:.)

Things are blessed in this neck of the woods. :+1: playing with the dogs outside everyday and will probably goto the dog park today.

Had a personal visit from this guy in a lucid dream. The dream took the place of the most impactful dream I’ve ever had. His words were short but had to do with the process of ascension beginning.


Little cryptic but hopefully it makes some sense. Ties back into the story about geometria and the protectors. :heart::infinity:.


thanks for sharing.


Too cryptic for me lol, could not figure out what was going on with those different images.

What what the dream about? What was the message given to you?

Been meaning to write about a few synchronicities that happened this week going back to the birds:

  1. Last week, there was a girl who did a really impressive yoga pose, and I told her so after class, “Your CROW pose is really impressive”.

  2. Was standing below a tall tree, and heard unique chirping and pecking, looked up, it was a woodpecker direclty overhead, (in the brid book I skimmed through, I stopped at the section on wood peckers, 5 species in our state).

  3. A Robin hit my apartment window and died. (Not the best omen :frowning_face:)

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  1. Andrews interview with Robert Moss: Andrew and Robert bring up Crows and Ravens in the interview, along with Moss giving the word for a flock of ravens, I knew that flocks of crows were called murders, but never knew Ravens had their own word too.
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Hopefully this is more direct.

My takeaway was the process of ascension has begun for this creation.


What does this mean?

I will add a 5th sychronicity being your doing the shadow work. I started doing some earlier in the month as well.

In a few of the expercises I lit a candle at night and moved around the room watching the shadow like it had a consciousness of its own almost. Difficult to describe. Was trying to almost project a consciousness onto it, or trying to '‘open’ to the blocked /obscured consciousness

Not something you can bring up in typical conversation, but they were some very memorable experiences.

This is warrior labor for sure my friend, wishing much luck and glad you shared you were doing that.

Shadow work kind of feels like trying to domesticate a wolf.


I like to refer to Dolores Cannon for topics like this. She has done some incredible work. The most impressive is communicating with spirits across continents using her modified hypnosis techniques. She would perform past life regression in this state on people and spirits would come through and talk to her via the person in hypnosis. The part that is amazing is the spirits would start a story in one continent and continue it in another. Pretty amazing.

She has some stuff that I don’t follow or believe in also. In everything I always say take the good and leave the bad. Make sure to keep your own personal filter in place when listening to her stuff. Highly recommend one of her talks on the three waves of volunteers.

Seems as though we may be experiencing the beginning phase of boosting our spiritual energy as a collective. As soon as i recognized my shadow manifesting in my dream state I began working with it.





Will check her out this week, hopefully tomorrow

Spoken like a true Middle way Buddhist. :wink:

Been doing different types of Shadow work for about the past 10 years. Have yet to be able to work with it viz Dream Yoga, but that was a big reason I why I am so drawn to dream work. I think you can get glimpses of the shadow in non-lucid dreams, and that is why keeping a record is so important.

Powerful stuff.


LOVED the dog vid.

After watching that its kind of tough not to think dogs have souls.

Remarkably intelligent beings. :slightly_smiling_face:


In my mind (take it as you will) we have lost the ability to communicate with them. They are highly realized beings. Again this is my opinion not trying to press it upon anything or anybody.


Most have, but not all:

Heres her site:


I asked Andrew if this is possible, and if the Buddha or Christ or other spiritual masters had this ability, and he said he thinks they did.

Take it with a huge grain of salt, but if you test out her techniques on your dog, you might be shocked at the increased listenening to comands faster learning of tricks.

She does use some visualization techniques, but I think youncould replace the visuals with emotions, or bodily sensations.

Meaning when you tell the dog to roll over, feel the ground from the dogs perspective, instead of visualizing the room spinning from the dogs perspective. Or if younwant the dog to sit, feel your butt touching the ground like you are the dog, and feel your knees bending and younsit down.

Vids are long, but worth the watch.