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Have not read this book in full yet, but read the pages here that were free, and found it very well written, and loaded with many gems of wisdom:

If you have links or videos on anger, please share them :slightly_smiling_face:


Dealing With Anger, Resistance And Pessimism


About this topic I am delighted to share that I had never read/received such delicate profound clear teachings about feelings, as yesterday while reading “Preparing to die” from Andrew:
“(…) the weight of grief drops us into ourselves, which is where these noble qualities lie (love, compassion and devotion)”
page 251
I would apply that to any feeling.

still in this page he quotes Kathleen Willis Morton:
“Through that puncture wound we can choose to see only the loss, what is not there, or look at the opening it has made in us, the spaciousness to be filled up with natural great delight if we are receptive and patient.”

I also recalled Andrew saying once that “For you to be Buddha, you have to be 100% human”. And yes, feeling rage is part of being human. The way I describe it is that our feelings are our inner guidance and navigation system. Together with the beautiful quote from Andrew, I would just add that conscious rage happens in the space where you decide something with your emotional body involved, which is much more powerful that just an affirmation, for example.

Working with rage, which helps defining some boundaries (I know this is ego, but we need it in this world and sometimes also in the realms of dreams + other dimensions - in doing so, it becomes integrated and then you are back to your soul again) in my opinion based on experience, is essential for navigating through some dreams where this energy somehow is needed.

I give you a very concrete example: DREAMS AND SEXUALITY.

For some people, anger can be released through sex - unconsciously.
For others, it is through anger that this can be avoided (that someone deposits rage in them, through sex).

I have had, in the period of the last 5 months, three occasions in the dream realm, where I felt the possibility of being sexually harassed. The first time, my fear came out, and it was my anger setting the boundary very clearly - @NightHawk999 “Dream Warrioress” fits perfectly here :heart_eyes: . After this I could work on it, and the second time, it was much smoother: I just asked God to help me integrate that energy with ease and the energy simply dissipated. After a couple of months, the third time, when it came back, deep sadness was the expression, and it also worked very well. I decided then to consult with my intuition in the awake state and the answer was very clear and soothing - nothing to be afraid any more, because I decided to connect with my higher self about this.

So if you notice, first fear came, then rage, as a protection energy where beneath, was sadness. I’ve seen this happen a lot in my practice and observing others’ feelings. Rage can often be the first layer of a healing process.

From my experience what I notice is that, if you express rage unconsciously and in a non-sacred space, the energy is lost - or given. In the first dream I gave energy - not sexual,but rage.

There’s a context here, a memory:
My first lucid dream experiences, decades ago, were sexual. At first it was incredible… but then I realized that I did not want that to happen anymore. So I connected with my spirit guides and said “I do not allow this” using my conscious rage. And it worked! :rose:

But since 2023 things have changed a lot - much more dream activity, teachings and meeting all kinds of people, so this energy came back. Rage was essential for not being sexually “attacked” (this is what my feeling fear was saying). Recently I read in “Women that Fly” that this is a common practice for thousands of years - there are some records and engravings about this. I talked with an ancient spiritual woman about this, who said very clearly that there are entities and people who can do this - they can even “disguise” themselves of people you loved from the past to be the bridge for you to allow the energy to come and literally suck your vital energy. This woman’s clarity, confirmed strongly that this is not a sphere to include in my dreams.

I share this with no judgement - I think it’s great that some people interact with other people sexually in a lucid dream - what I feel is that the whole experience rises to another level when those two people agree and give permission for that to happen.

From my experience and consciousness, I also feel that there are many energetic aspects of sexuality that are far more interesting and powerful than the usual sexual interaction . I have another concrete example of this: the last time that I had a sexual lucid dream I was trying to masturbate… but… my hands were not my hands… they were made of energy… all the things that I knew/thought could give me pleasure, were not valid in that context. Ever since, I have decided not to masturbate myself anymore also in this reality… and to give my energy into creating new habits that will allow me to experience sexuality in a totally different way, honoring my consciousness as being a spiritual soul. With no rush and allowing the truth to come to me.

So, rage can be a first approach to expressing a “no” and then it can melt, opening doors for deep healing. For this, we need to be very aware of what’s going on in our aura, as Eckhart Tolle so well explains. What he calls “Pain Body” is emotions from the past that can cause disease and certain automatic rage reactions - what some other authors call “blind spots”.

The ego is alert and very specifically sends the message it needs. Rage makes it possible for us to say “no”, to defend a cause, or quit a job we don’t love. Being done in a sacred space where you can access that primal energy and work with the information is super powerful.
There are two fundamental rules about rage: 1. not hurting yourself; 2. not hurting others.
All the rest is allowed, for people to understand what is going on in your aura.
And has Kathleen Willis Morton so well said, after the rage is gone, something new can arise.

I share with you a video from the person I learned to clarify and activate the power of my feelings from 2011 to 2016:


CONSTRUCTIVE INTERFERENCE might help in understanding this:


Sadhguru about the basic human compulsions:

“You want to be driven, or you want to be the driver?”


From my experience, the food you eat largely influences the amounts of rage you might feel. food here can also be applied to anything that nurtures us.
From my observation and sharing with people in this subject, drinking 1litre and a half of water everyday, makes it much more difficult to feel rage/anger.


Brilliant line and advice. I have found just sitting with the emotion, and giving it space, free from thought, is highly effective.

Another great line. These strong emotions are such powerful contractors, it is remarkable how adding a bt of space to the equation can change things drastically.

You make an excellent point, anger that you are fully conscious of and not consumed but can be a very powerful tool for change, and sometimes very necessary to get things done. I dont think MLK jr. wasnt angry, I think he just found highly effective and conscious ways to channel his anger against injustice.

I was thinking about this yesterday, you must be a mind reader, how anger is a drive force, one of the most powerful drivers out there, and it often can be channeled or tamed through sex.

Very interesting, I think your example shows how Anger also sometimes has ties to fear, and when fear boils over, it can tern to terror, causing one to want to flee or freeze, or rage, causing one to stand their ground against a threat. (Do you know the names of Mar’s 2 moons, and who they were named after?)

Very interesting, I would consider sadness a more watery emotion, with anger and fear having their roots in the fire element. But I can see how the anger in hoplessness or helplessness could turn to sadness.

I can totally see this to be the case. I think many cultures have often associated sexual energy with life force energy. And this is why semen retention is often incouraged.

I think many wise holy people would tell you there is great power in doing this, and this is why so many monks, priests, priestesses and nuns take vows of chastity.

Not sure if you read the pages from the Anger book, but TNH says, first put out the flames in your house, do not chase after the arsonists, and let your house burn to the ground.

Beloved, happy Easter to you and your family



No… please indulge me… hihihi

A couple of nights ago I received a kiss from a person looking very much like Yangsy (the first)… it was an incredible feeling… his blessing was connected to my book… writing is a great way of subliming sexual energy (and anger).

I didn’t read it. Beautiful metaphor. And may the house warm us up also, in the flames of what moves us.

Thank you. Same to you and your family :rose:

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The two moons of Mars are Phobos and Deimos.[1] They are irregular in shape.[2] Both were discovered by American astronomer Asaph Hall in August 1877[3] and are named after the Greek mythological twin characters Phobos (fear and panic) and Deimos (terror and dread) who accompanied their father Ares into battle. Ares, the god of war, was known to the Romans as Mars.

Great point, anything involving creativity I think can do this.

The home I went to had a plastic baby deer in the back yard under a big evergreen treen, I thought of you.


interesting… for me, this helps understanding better the powerful energy of this planet and its warrior cycle of 21 days…

yes… the important thing is to not repress this precious energy and give it a channel that can benefit others :heart_eyes:

the baby deer again… in a family context… interesting…
see you soon beloved friend :kissing_heart: :cowboy_hat_face:

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What is this warrior cycle?


Sooner than you think :wink:

I didnt mention in the email, but after the pics were taken I built a fire, and while talking with a friend by it, and squatting on the ground next to it, the swan came back out from the water, and walked up to the fire right next to me, and then put its beak very close to the flames investigating it. I had to tell it “No”, because I was worried it might get burned. Then it walked calmly back to the water. Pretty extraordinary.


Buddhist Teacher Advice: Dealing with anger: Avoid Hurting Yourself/Others with Metta, Mindfulness


it’s mars cycle - 21 days :heart_eyes:
I do 21 times of something whenever I want to train something new (neuro-plasticity), or commit to an affirmation.
the fact that you shared about the moons with mars, strengthened this feeling of the warrior that can blow up all fear, panic, terror and dreads of not being awake and lucid!

It was much sooner that I would have thought! I just emailed you…

This is indeed extraordinary! All of this and the connection to the puzzle I gave you…
My mind is blown away!

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This is such a brilliant idea! Thank you for telling me about this. You can not only do it for Mars, but also all the planets, basing your goals, off of their respective zones of influence. Thank you for this genius insight!

Yeah I had forgot about this memory, thank you for triggering it :green_heart:


this was not my idea… if you notice, many authors suggest 21 days of something to create a new pattern in life.


simplicity at its’ best from Jim Kwik:


Or break an old habit.
Quitting something has the mile stones of 3:
3 hours
3 days
3 months
3 years

These are fantastic, thank you beloved!


From my understanding, experience and sensitiveness, this is a really good example of conscious anger with purpose and preciseness:

I learned a lot from this video :dolphin:


Me as well, thank you