Another Place to Be

Last night I practiced resizing and multiplicity techniques. But…in the morning I was not sure if I had practiced them in the dream or during my WBTB time. :wink:

That made me realize that if we strive to achieve lucidity 24/7, the dream becomes just another place to…be.


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Hmmmmmmm…not quite, I think.

How about…illuminating illusory dreamscapes (waking and dreaming states) through the lens a single self that is continually coalescing from the seemingly infinite shared essence of all sentient beings = nature of mind?

The self as a raindrop…

raindrop → ocean → cloud → raindrop → etc.


I like that. :slightly_smiling_face:

How about this…

Self = a coalescence of the essence of all selves

I like that even more. I think that it is easy to work too hard at this. When we slip into that balance of concentration and relaxation it begins to happen with no effort at all.