👽 Beyond the Brain: The Survival of Human Consciousness After Permanent Bodily Death by Jeffrey Mishlove (Mentioned in the Eben Alexander Interview)

Billionaire industrialist and aerospace CEO Robert Bigelow held an intriguing contest this year. He put up a million dollars in prize money for people interested in submitting essays and research into the idea that human consciousness survives beyond the permanent physical death of the body. The winners were announced this week. . . . The winning entry came from Jeffrey Mishlove and the title is “ Beyond the Brain – The Survival of Human Consciousness After Permanent Bodily Death .”

Note: This is a long read, but if the topic interests you, worth a look, eh? Check the Table of Contents to guide your reading.


Had a look on the summary. Looks really interesting. Lots of different aspects studied (NDE, Children’s memories of past lives, mediumship… gonna have a look on that part), “evidence” for the possibility of life and consciousness to go on, beyond the brain. Ahh. So many books, so little time !

Have you read Jim Tuckers’ books @_Barry ?


Looks like an excellent read, Barry. Thanks for posting it.

I am thoroughly convinced, both from in-depth study and very real experience, that we enter into the realm of the paranormal when we undertake the dissolution of the dissociative boundaries that separate us from the vast expanse of universal consciousness, of which we are already an integral part.



No, but in the Search for Bridey Murphy, was popular in the '50s an '60s so that’s where I first gained an interest in the subject. It broke the ice for me. Saw her on To Tell the Truth (TV). Went on there myself a dozen years later.

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This is very interesting, @_Barry – thanks so much for the share! Looking forward to reading more this weekend! :partying_face: :bookmark:


Bigelow Institute Series mentioned in the Eban Alexander interview.



Thank you so much for sharing that!

really found the statistic fascinating that 25-33% of people surveyed said they had had some form of communication with the dead. That is way higher than I expected

I got chills when I read the part about phone calls and text messaged, that the phone companies had no record of.

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“Mediums are scientific outlaws, and
their defendants are quasi-insane. Any
stick is good enough to beat dogs of
that stripe with.25”

really loved that quote from William James

It is my understanding that Harry Huddini spent a good portion of his life trying to disprove mediumship. Understandably so, the man knew the power of misdirection and manipulation (I have heard he was a spy for the goverenment).

I think the 80/20 rule is really a[ppropriate, I believe 80% of most professionals (magicians, doctors, lawyers, mediums, priests, etc) are living in the world of ego, and just out for their own personal gains. But the 20% or less of professionals who see their tools of their discipline as being used for a higher calling.

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