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Dancing has been and is a huge part of many spiritual traditions.

When I started line dancing for the first time about 5 years ago, I had a minor hunch that it was working my 6th sense, where I could ‘feel’ on a very subtle level, or even unconscious level, the other dancers behind me and to the side. I dont think I ever ran into anyone on the floor, which was in my mind a bit of a statistical anomaly.

Pretty cool to have every one ‘flowing’ in unison as One…

Then I watched this scene for the first time tonight and thought it was brilliant :cowboy_hat_face:

Curious to know about others experiences with dancing, what types, and how it influenced their spiritual practice.

I 100% believe this spiritual practice if done correctly, is a powerful Heart Opener, on par with Yoga (which is just a slowed down form of dance in my mind :upside_down_face: :wink:).

“you got to free your feet
before you free your mind” :rofl:


yes… it feels somehow similar to the energy of birds flying together.
My heart was dancing there at the brotherhood line dance, imagining you also there!.. :cowboy_hat_face: must be an amazing energy and so much FUN.
Anything that we rehearse together is super powerful!..
I did jazz dance for some years in a group and the energy of creating something together was my favorite part.

Dance is super amazing important…

One of the first modern spiritual leaders to see this was Osho:

I have my own practice as an Alchemy practice and for FUN.
Here’s where I usual hang out when dancing online to heal, connect and blossom:

Sometimes I do it here in Portugal with a couple who is very close to my heart - they facilitate 5rythms…

oohhh yeaaaaah!..
loved this scene. thank you for this amazing new thread.


Brilliant! LOVE this

It was a Humanhood dance, lots of sisters in the line too :cowboy_hat_face:

I learned how to do it at a bar.

Those were some wild nights :star_struck:


It’s so easy to imagine this because of some American movies… that’s not so appealing to me… :cowboy_hat_face:

yes, I noticed! I used that name because it was the title of the video :cowboy_hat_face:


Silver screen doesnt do it justice, some nights felt like it would make members of the Cult of Bacchus blush :innocent:


MIB (Men In Black) Line Dance



hihihi… now I understand even better…
“interesting” the lyrics of the music… :cowboy_hat_face:


“Dancing with a Crow”…



Yes my Heart :green_heart: :cowboy_hat_face:

Brilliant! :heart_eyes:


24 Form Tai Chi Demonstration Back View Master Amin Wu

Looks like dancing to me…

“a rose by any other name…”


Tai Chi for Beginners (Lesson 1: Basic Training)

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Tai Chi for Beginners (Lesson 2: Tai Chi 24 Form Paragraph 1)

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reminded me of that quote… that the name is not important, but the perfume…
beautiful videos… I did Tai Chi for some months… very beautiful, but not my thing.
My experience with Five Rhythms is that after an intense dancing experience in the first three rhythms, when I reach the last two rhythms, this graciousness happens naturally and in tune with my “hidden” (energetic) body… one of the most amazing experiences one can have… :heart_eyes: the body moves propelled by the energetic body!.. :brown_heart:


So glad you mentioned this about the energetic body.

I think I began to get a small sense of this when I was going the group ‘prayer’. I even commented on it amongst spiritual friends bringing up these two animals as examples in the natural world:

How do sharks and eels hunt in the dark???

" Sharks however have a very distinct advantage over most of their fishy friends in the ocean, they can actually detect electrical pulses in the ocean to help them locate prey and navigate the oceans using an organ called the Ampullae of Lorenzini. This is called electroreception. Today, we are going to dive into shark infested waters and learn more about how this amazing sense works!"

" An electric fish uses its weak pulses like radar. Those pulses create an electric field around its body. This acts like a bubble of electric current. When another animal enters that space, the fish detects a distortion in the electric field. That change helps it figure out the other animal’s position and identity — even when the water is dark or murky. “They have literally a sixth sense,” says James Albert. He’s a fish biologist at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

These fish get that sixth sense from organs called electroreceptors. These detect changes in the electric field. Electroreceptors look like little pits and cover the fish’s entire body."

Of course at the time I was trying to use scientific reasoning for the 6th sense experiences, now I think these things were occurring on a more energetic realm or spiritual realm, rather than senses of the physical world.


The Sundance Ceremony

The Sun Dance


also the Platypus from Australia…
I think you will enjoy this:

“he closes his eyes, ears and nose, and lets his bill (super sensory organ) do the work”.
there’s a part with a good imagery of how electro-location, made by electric pulses, work…

these examples you gave are very physical… I naturally made a correlation to the pineal gland, who is able of doing this through space. There we are talking about more subtle and energetic waves of energy.

My Heart… I think somehow you are connecting already with this experience I will have in a few years… it’s so wonderful to see these videos now… it helps me to prepare, invite and start already receiving this powerful energy… it’s so AMAZING how certain things, the more we try to stop them, the strongest they flourish!.. infinite gratitude.
yesterday I watched a movie where there was a ceremony by a magical tree…

radiant synchronicity! :pray:t3:


Kung Fu: Neo vs Morpheus |

“Show me”

Is Martial Arts just a sped up form of dancing, where ‘collision’ is encouraged???

“but your weakness is not your technique…”


check out this article from RM:

an excerpt of it:
“Chen Tuan (871-989) was a renowned Taoist sage who lived a secluded life in mountain caves in western China, where he created kung fu and a method of conscious dreaming.”

From my perspective, Martial Arts is just more focused in duality!
I have had lucid dreams that after waking up I remembered this scene from Matrix!.. Some lucid dreams are indeed like this vivid powerful reality!
Also in my Astral Traveling practice, I sometimes have body physical spasms, because the movement is so “real”!

“you think that’s air you’re breathing now?” :dolphin:
“Don’t think you are, Know you are”

I believe he hit him because in that instant, he realized they are one! such a great example of how duality leads to non-duality :brown_heart:
really enjoyed re-watching it :slight_smile:

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