Dream Sharing Inducing Illusory Form & Dreams Synchronizing

So there are two experiences I have noticed this year I am curious to peoples impressions about.

  1. Dream Sharing:
    In my grad program we will occasionally have dream workshops, groups or demos on how to work with dreams as a counselor/psychotherapist. Earlier this year someone in my cohort was sharing her dream in the presence tense during the demo and I felt as if I was dreaming with her. Reality took on a very illusory form feel and the imaginal dimension opening during the share had quite an impact on me. For the rest of the day I was in an illusory form state. I started to have all sorts of bizarre synchronicities that just intensified the dreaminess.

  2. Dreams Synchronizing
    Unfortunately I don’t remember the exact details, but earlier last semester I went to a dream group with a friend of mine and he was telling me about this dream he had about cats and a wizard. Later that night–like hours after I forgot his dream–I shared one I had on retreat where my dead white cat I loved very much came to me while lucid. He wandered up the stairs, laid in my lap and I start crying I am so happy. He starts to purr and everything dissolves or becomes so permeating with light that there is only “purr” light :-p.
    Somehow we start talking about the similarities in our dreams and the content of each others dreams starts synchronizing and bringing more depth to this collectiveness of our dreams. The sense of an individual dreamer started to dissolve and an interconnectedness and dreaminess started to permeate experience. This continued for at least 30 minutes as we drove home, but maybe longer. Can’t remember the details.

Realizing now how much that relates to the dream above, but haven’t had any other experience where dream sharing synched up and induced that sort of non-ordinary state before. It’s sort of reminiscent of the first experience I shared.


Thanks, those are fascinating experiences. I especially liked your “purr light” dream. :smiley_cat:

In honor of your excellent pun I will respectfully suggest a slight amendment to one of your sentences, as follows: “The sense of an individual dreamer started to dissolve and an interconnectedness and dreaminess started to purr-meate experience.”



Purr-fect . . . . :smile_cat: