Dubai calling!

Hi everyone ! My name is Michael, and I have been living in Dubai since I came out here from the UK for a 2 week rest and recuperation holiday in 1981 !

I was born on the Isle of Wight off the South coast of England.
As a small child I simply had the inner knowing that the nature of death is transitional and not final. I badly scared my mother once, declaring happily at the age of 5 “I don’t mind if I die tomorrow!” With the shocked and worried response, I naturally thought I had said something wrong, and so of course the gradual conditioning started.
My outlook really opened up during an LSD experience over 50 years ago, and I have spent many years pondering the nature of reality exposed and explored there.
About 10 years ago I felt the call to go to the Peruvian Amazon to work with the shamans there with Ayahuasca, which over 2 years turned out to be a series of profoundly rewarding experiences, widening my perception of time, space and our relationship with the living planet.

I use the nickname Daedalus, who you could say was the handyman of the Gods on Olympus. He was the one who designed the Labyrinth, made wings, and was smart enough not to fly too close to the sun, unlike his impetuous son Icarus! I love tinkering with various materials, and love putting seemingly unrelated elements together for solutions to problems.

I have made my career as a glass artist/engineer out here.

I’m a musician & love to sing. I have a sailboat here and love to be on the ocean.

Regarding Lucid dreaming, I first came upon Robert Waggoner whose interview I watched on a few years ago - I bought his book 'Lucid Dreaming - Gateway to the Inner Self ’ and was hooked.
A few months into keeping my dream diary, I saw my hands in the dream, as per Don Juan’s advice to Carlos Castaneda, and bam ! I was lucid. I won’t bore you with the details, but ultimately I flew too close to the sun metaphorically, and woke up again!

I have to admit that I let things slip for a while during a marriage breakup and a new relationship, however I have started again following Andrew’s recent interview on Buddha at the Gas Pump, which was inspiring enough to kickstart the dream journal again.

This past couple of years have been pretty challenging for most of us, with some pretty convincing evidence of power hungry dark forces at work, and it is time for us all to wake up - not only to what is happening to us in the daytime dream, but even more importantly spiritually, for it is that level that so obviously underlies and informs our ‘reality’.

A paradigm shift in attitude typically starts with the coalescent influence of a small number of committed individuals, and the materialist reductionist scientific model of the last 300 years or so is starting to shift its weight to the back foot, and lose ground to the realisation that it is consciousness which is fundamental to matter.
Nightclub is an inspiring collection of folks, who seem to share this realisation, and I am delighted to join ranks.
I look forward to communicating with some of you, and to reference Andrew - in the meditation sessions, joining others in a concerted effort to do nothing !
Bless you all.


Welcome to the Night Club Daedalus. I felt sorry for Icarus but there is always a lesson in these stories—like it’s always the youngest of three brothers that outsmarts the elder two, or the evil stepmother is out to get you, or don’t eat that apple! Then there’s Aesop.

I’ve been to the Dubai airport several times and my wife’s cousin is an airline hostess based there, but your long-term residency there sounds idyllic. Enjoyed reading about your background. It’s a journey that has flown very high, yet purposefully headed inward.

There are many opportunities to interact with NCbbers including a Dream Sangha starting up tomorrow at 9am MT which should be somewhere tonight in West Asia. Andrew has several webinars each month and he does a lot of interactive work with questioners so that might be interesting for you, as well.

Looking forward to hearing more about your flights and journeys and insights gained during lucid day/night adventures.


Thanks for the warm welcome Barry!
Much appreciated.
It is wonderful in the true sense of the word how vast is the inner space, with infinite potential for discovery and revelation.
I have always been one to hold my own council, but having lantern holders further up the path to illuminate the way is a blessing.
I have a long way to go through the portal of lucid dreaming, and it will be inspiring to have some like minded companions along the path.
I’ve just met some of the others in today’s Dream Sangha, and I can see the potential there for camaraderie and support.


really great website, appreciate you sharing that, it looks like there are over 400 free videos!

Amen! So true, well said.

I would love to hear more about the experiences you accumulated over the 2 years doing that. You may have to even start a new thread dedicated specifically to that topic. I think it is a subject that many members would be interested in learning more about, and contributing their experiences with Ayahuasca.

Thank you for sharing, looking forward to hearing more of you wisdom.
God bless you.

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Welcome @Daedalus,

It’s very hot in the UK at the moment, probably not as hot as Dubai :slightly_smiling_face:, but 35 is hot for the north of England.

I’m new to this group and have found them warm, welcoming and supportive and I am sure you will find the same. Welcome!

Thanks and much love


ps as a musician I’m honour bound to ask (yes I know, the English spelling :rofl:), which instruments do you play?


Hi Steve - years ago I used to play ragtime and ‘contemporary’ folk on accoustic guitar. I moved on to electric bass and played and sang with semi-pro rock and RnB bands for years. You ?

I was born on the Isle of Wight.
Before coming out here in 1981 I lived in Cornwall, and loved it down there.

Are you a brit, or an American spelling English??
Bless you and thanks for the welcome.

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Hi @Daedalus,

Yes, I am a fully fledged Yorkshireman, I live 12 miles outside of Leeds which is about 200 or so miles from London. When you ask someone from Yorkshire where the are from they almost all say Yorkshire not England. I was on holiday in Ireland and asked someone where they were from, ‘Yorkshire’ they said joyfully and didn’t mention England, we can be a stubborn lot.

Anyway to musical instruments, I play the Irish bagpipes (Uilleann pipes pronounced illen), guitar, bass guitar, cello, several types of whistle in D, C and Low D (fingering is the same they just get longer or shorter :rofl:), I also sing.

Welcome to the group

Thanks and much love


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